Perfect Escapes When You’re Looking for perfect Getaway

Rafting on River Tons

Rafting on River Tons- It is the largest tributary of Yamuna, which is considered the most demanding river rafting route in India. It will let you experience one of the most technological river rafting expeditions and has plenty of rapids from grade 3 and 5, spaced with flat waters. An outstanding river, relaxing walks, camping site, ample angling opportunities and great white water make it an idyllic getaway for adventure seekers. You can even plan your trip to Mori for an ultimate adventure for few days. This will be an ultimate fun. White river-water rafting in the chilled and ice cold water, trekking in the nearby hills, rock climbing and rappelling is a wonderful and thrilling experience.

Kalindi Trek

Kalindi Trek –It is the hardest trek among all in the region of Garhwal, covering a distance of 99 kms through the high altitudes routes from Gangotri to Badrinath via Kalindikhal thus named as the Kalindikhal Trek. The route passes through some of most adventourous and breathtaking mountain scape of peaks of Garhwal, Shivling, Bhagirathi I,II,III Basuki, Satopanth,Chandra Parbat,. Garhwal which is also called DevBhoomi is a completely right place for those who really to see rainfall.  The Greenery and mountains makes it more pleasant and attractive. If you love nature then it is a best and most comfortable place to feel the presence of fresh air.  Also, you must visit these temples which makes you realize about the different worship culture.

Rohtang pass

Rohtang Pass – The word Rohtang means pile of corpses, it’s a name that stems from the deadly mudslides that covering the 4,000 m-high road in the Himalayas. The unpredictable weather, snowstorms and avalanches add to the danger and its adventurous factor. It’s certainly very exciting and adventurous place in Manali. The snow at Rohtang and the beautiful road leading from Manali is a must visit. And most important is one should go in peak season to feel the complete holiday, the crowds, the hustle & bustle of the place which may not be there if you go in off season.

Stok kangri

Stok Kangiri  Trek- The Stok Kangri is the most glamorous trek in India – the trek takes you to India’s highest trekking summit at 6100 mt. High altitude, steep ascent, oxygen deficiency, dry terrain, and crossing glaciers and rivers with a current that can whisk you away, makes it one of India’s toughest treks. A selfie after completion is totally worth the experience. An amazingly awesome adventurous trip to Leh is breath-taking.  The Snow capped mountains with road on them to ride to the peak will take you to a totally different world. Biking is most thrilling party of the whole vacation, you can explore the entire Leh on Royal Enfield bike felt bone freezing Temp -15 Degree it was a lifetime experience. Beauty of Pangong Lake is attention-grabbing.

Auden col

Auden’s Col- It is an elevated mountain pass connecting Rudugaira valley and Bhilangana valley. Auden’s Col is dubious being one of the most dangerous passes in Garhwal Himalaya and the Khatling glacier are heavily infested with crevasses. Also, one can trek from Gangotri to Kedarnath, by crossing Auden’s Col and then Mayali Pass, holiest Hindu temples. The longest and the hardest part of the trek is the descent crossing Auden’s Col (5490 m) to Khatling Glacier Camp (5000 m ) so it’s better start as early as 5 am as snow plodding becomes difficult as sun comes up. It is 55km from Jim Corbett national park this unknown and unexplored hill station is a heaven on earth. The longest view of the snow covered Himalayas is by far the best that one can ever see. Peaks from Trish UK, Nandadevi, Panchachuli all are really magnificent. This place is the best noncommercial hill station and quite close to Delhi. The Distance from Delhi is 320km only and nearest railway station is Ramnagar.



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