Summer festivals in abroad

Summer has come and it’s time to pack your bags, make the list of places you can visit, and some international events in your mind for an adventurous trip. When you are planning for a Euro trip or a dessert adventure in Middle East, these are some festivals which you would not like to miss throughout your travels. So be prepared for the fun waiting for you all the way, be it the hard tomato throw or mesmerizing cultural events.

  • La Tomatina:

La Tomatina

The world’s biggest tomato fight! This festival is celebrated on the last Wednesday of every August in Burnol, Spain. A huge amount of tomato is crushed and dumped in the streets each year in the Plaza del Pueblo. Gear up for the exciting event with precautions as well. Enjoy!

  • Berlin Beer Festival:

Summer festivals in abroad

Berlin-famous for its beer festival! Over 80,000 people have been recorded in the Guinness World Record for participating in drinking beer. This year it’s 20th anniversary of this festival which will run from 5 to 7 august at it’s traditional location.

  • Tomorrow land Music Festival:

Tomorrow land Music Festival

Fascinating stage! Awesome music! Feels like wonderland! Hurry up for this electrifying event of the year. Tomorrow land is the ultimate experience of extravagant stages with an equally decadent unmatched by other electronic and dance events. All the music lovers across the world takeover Boom in Belgium. The whole setting and music will make you feel like you have stepped into another world of endless possibilities.

  • Obon Festival:

Obon Festival

A festival of lantern with religious belief! This is hosted in Japan as the annual tradition. The lanterns are put into rivers and lakes not only to create beautiful scene but to bring back the spirits of Buddhist ancestors. Whether it may be the resident of that country or travellers from across the world, everybody participate in this festival. They all release the lantern together. The festival falls on a different day every year according to the lunar calendar.

  • White Nights Festival:

White Nights Festival

Arts festival full of dance, song and opera performances! This festival is held in St. Petersburg, Russia every year in the months of may-July. The very most popular dance performance of the festival is Classical ballet which draws around 1 million people per year. During these months carnivals also take place which are major attractions. All this really sound very exciting and you must be thinking to rush off to attend this festival, but don’t do so. This is a festival of complete two months, come and enjoy as per us compatibility.

  • Boryeong Mud Festival:

Summer festivals in abroad

Thousands flocks to the Boryeong shores for the very unique Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea. This is a ten day mud themed event equipped with a mud pool, slides and skiing competition as well. Mud is considered as the best cosmetic and so to promote a line of makeup and get its benefits. It has attracted over 2 million people and showcases various performances.

Tie your seat belts tight, pack your bags, and check if all the necessary things you are carrying or not. Now just rush off to enjoy your summers rather spending it sitting at your home.



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