10 truly unique villages

  • Chinese Village Where Everyone Knows Kung Fu

10 truly unique villages

Ganxi Dong, a small town tucked away in the mountains of Tianzhu in central China, is gaining attention worldwide for its exceptionally qualified residents. Apparently, everyone living in the self-sustaining village is a martial arts expert!

The locals have two theories about their unusual situation, some claim that the area suffered heavy regular attacks from wild animals that kill and injure livestock villagers. To combat the problem people learn martial arts.

  • World’s Wettest Village

World's Wettest Village

Mawsynram is the wettest place on Earth, and people living there have had to adapt accordingly. Workers who work outdoors often wear full body umbrellas made of bamboo and banana leaves. For centuries, locals have been training roots to grow rubber trees in natural bridges, which now last longer than wooden structures made by man languishing in a few years. Bridges are self-reinforcing and become more important as they increase their root systems.

  • The Nepalese Village Where Almost Everyone Has single kidney

The Nepalese Village Where Almost Everyone Has single kidney

Believe it or not, the villagers of Hokse, Nepal, are so poor that they are forced to sell their organs to meet their needs. The practice is so common that the place has been nicknamed “Kidney village.”

Organ traffickers regularly visit the village and its surroundings in the hope of people with liquidity problems convincing rid of one of his healthy kidneys. These agents are known to deceive the innocent residents travel to southern India to its operations.

  • The Italian Village That Created Its Own Sun

10 truly unique villages

Viganella is a small village in Italy in the bottom of a deep valley about 130 km north of Milan. However, the village is located on the wrong side of a steep mountain. The valley is so deep that the surrounding mountains cast a big shadow over the place, and completely block the sun for three long months during the winter. In November, the sun disappears until early February. “It’s like Siberia,” one of nearly 200 families of the village said.

  • The Village without any Doors

10 truly unique villages

Believe it or not, there are people in India, where none of the 300-odd buildings-houses, educational institutions, banks or even have doors. The cash is stored in unlocked containers, as they are valuable pieces of gold jewelry.The villagers of Shani Shingnapur in the state of Maharashtra do not feel the need for security measures.

  • The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Alzheimer’s

10 truly unique villages

There is a community near Amsterdam, aptly named dementia Village. Its 152 people are made entirely by people with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems. The village is made to look and function like a normal city. Its inhabitants are free to shop, eat at restaurants, or walk around, but they are also carefully controlled, so you do not wander off or hurt themselves.

  • The Spanish Village That Decided To Remain Blue

10 truly unique villages

For hundreds of years, the houses of the small village of Juzcar, near Malaga in the Spanish province of Andalusia, were shutouts. Then in the spring of 2011, Sony Pictures executives wanted to paint one of the white villages of Andalusia blue. At first, the villagers were incredulous. Sony executives assured them that publicity stunt, created to mark the opening of the Smurfsmovie (The Smurfs in Spanish) would make people stand out.

  • The Sleeping Village of Kazakhstan

The Sleeping Village of Kazakhstan

Up to a quarter of the residents of Kalachi, Kazakhstan has come down with an illness unrelated to sleep encephalitis. The disease began to appear in the village in 2013. It made people sleep for days at a time and then wake up with nausea, memory loss and headaches. More than 20,000 tests were carried out on air, water, food and people of the area, but so far no answers. Since 2015, 152 cases have been reported.

  • The Chinese Dwarf Village

10 truly unique villages

Yangsi is known as the “people of the dwarfs.” According to the elders of the city, its peaceful, happy life was ruined in a summer night many years ago, when a vile disease struck the region. Several local suffered from a mysterious disease that mostly affected young children between the ages of 5 and 7. These children simply stopped growing, remaining at the same level for the rest of their lives. Apart from its inability to grow, some victims also suffer from various disabilities.

  • No Roads Village of Netherlands

10 truly unique villages

For anyone dreaming of a simple life, you may want to consider moving to Giethoorn. This idyllic village has no roads. The only access is by water or on foot. Local use punters to move around, and cars have to stay outside the village. There are 4 miles of canals and cottages with thatched roofs dating from the 18th century.

It’s known as the “Venice of the Netherlands” & is a popular tourist attraction. The place has about 2,600 residents living in homes on private islands. 180 bridges the villa are the only way to reach most of the houses, with the second option being small boats.



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