Top churches to visit India

India is country which is known for its Unity in Diversity. The country holds different people belonging to different religions. In this country Christianity is the third largest religion which constitutes 2.3 percent of its followers. Christians in India are found all across the nation with its major population in parts of South India, the Konkan Coast and Northeast India.

Some very famous and attractive churches are there in India that must be visited by every lover of architecture and religion.

  • Aloysius Chapel, Mangalore

Top churches to visit India

This church is very famous for its stunning paintings, built in 1885 which matches with the world’s most renowned Sistine Chapel at Rome. The chapel possess some stunning paintings on ceiling, along with oil canvas paintings and fresco paintings which resembles to the scenes portrayed in Bible and displays various portraits like that of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Crowning of cock and other saints.

  • Anne Church, Talaulim, Goa-

Top churches to visit India

Church of St. Anne follows the Indian architecture amalgamated with western propensities. In it the pilasters have been modified according to the native flavour. It can rather be termed as the master piece of Indian Baroque style. The church was included in the “World Monuments Watch 2003 List of Most Endangered Sites”.

  • Our Lady of Dolours Syro-Malabar Catholic Basilica, Kerala

Top churches to visit India

This is the largest church in India and third tallest in Asia. The church is very well known for its Gothic style of architecture. Magnificent interior decor of the church include fine specimens of scenes from scriptures and images of saints.

  • The Se Cathedral Church, Goa

Top churches to visit India

It very much famous for its Portuguese Architecture style. This is one among the largest church in Asia. The interior of this church is Corinthian whereas exterior is Tuscan. It is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. The tower of the Church houses the largest bell in Goa and it is known as “Golden Bell” because of its rich tone.

  • Christ Church, Shimla

Top churches to visit India

The second oldest church in North India is positioned on the ridge of shimla where it stands out as one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. Although the church is old, it is well maintained, making it an enduring legacy of British Raj.

  • Moravian Church, leh

Top churches to visit India

The church is situated at the height of more than 11000 feet in Leh is one among the highest church of India. And that is why for the lovers of architecture and nature must visit this church once in their life.

  • Malayattoor Church, Kerala-

Top churches to visit India

The church is situated 609 m high on Malayattoor hill in Kerala. The church has been declared as an international pilgrimage by the Vatican and also attracts large number of pilgrims from all over India. The church has a life size statue of St. Thomas.

India has got many Churches throughout the length and breadth of the country. Here we have tried to compile a list of churches which could be considered for the visit by pilgrims and tourists.


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