image Spectacular experiences are waiting at these Destinations. Plan your trip !

Elephant-Ride in Jaipur

Your Elephant Safari by the Ajmer Fort , Jaipur – So , what are you waiting for ? Plan your trip  to Jaipur  and get a feel of India’s glorious past. Know that your visit to Jaipur is simply incomplete without visiting Amber Fort.  Enter in majestic  and royal style on elephants and the moment  you enter the passageway leading to the fort, you will  feel the essence of  majestic Rajasthani culture. Also, you will hear flutes being played and locals selling small souvenirs like handmade bani-thani paintings, madhubani style post cards showing the life and times of Maharajas. Elephant ride is available at reasonable price for 15 minutes. So the best option is to take an audio tour costing 100 rupees.

Ashram, Pondicherry

Stay free of Cost at Ashram in Pondicherry- Pondicherry is a nice peaceful town, where time passes by rather slowly. The french influence is visible, with cafes littered all over the town. Some of the best places to visit out there are Auroville, which is an ashram almost 12 km from town and the Ashram of Amma i. e Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which is also in the town. This ashram serves free meals to everyone. If you are looking for something exciting and want a bunch of activities, and, its not the place for you. However, if you want to unwind yourself and relax, and do nothing much, Pondicherry is perfect place.

Taj mahal

Admire the spectacular beauty on full night of amazing Taj Mahal- The beauty of this place is honoured by the poets and in all the true sense its India’s own heaven.  This monument proves that Love is truly all around in the air. You just feel everything faded in front of the beautiful marble. The sun shines within the reticular interlaced constructed web. Watching the mesmerizing structure for hours too doesn’t gets you over seeing it. The Taj Mahal looks stunningly majestic on a full moon night.

Parties in Goa

Beach parties in Goa- The overall experience of the Goa was very nice and we had unforgettable memories especially in the beautiful beaches, churches, ports and every part of the nature, which yiou will go through will be good experience and this is something you will never forget.

Travel to Mcleodganj

Plan your Trip to Mcleodganj- This is the place  where  will definitely you want to spend a holiday free from city life and want peace of mind,. To involve a bit of adventure, try triund trek which starts from triund itself. Its basically 3-4 hr trek (1 side) which is perfect start for beginner who is willing to be adventourous. The trek is neither too easy but its not too steep and when you’ll reach the top, you’ll  certainly experience the moment of your life. Try spending a night out there (tents are available on rent on top) and you’ll experience a wonderful  heavenly night with open, sleeping under the stars.



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