Enchanting Places that you must visit India

Indian_ocean, Travel

Explore the underwater world in Indian Ocean – It’s the best place for sea or beach lovers, and even if you are not so much fond of them, you will still start loving them after you spend a week in Andaman Islands. The eye –catching color of the sea, texture of the beaches, superb sunrise and sunsets, memorable journey – all these things sum up in once in a lifetime trip. Samudrika, Gandhi Park, Cellular Jail, Marine Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Jolly Buoy Island, Ross Island, Wandoor Beach, Baratang, Mud Volcano, Limestone Cave are must-visits. In Havelock Island, visit Radhanagar Beach, as it is famous for the sand. Do not miss the sunset here, Kalapathar Beach, Dolphin Resort for the picturesque view. If you are staying for more than a week, consider visiting Maya Bandar and Rangat.

Tibetan, Travel

Enjoy your Living on Tibetan borders at Sangla – The best time to visit is between Septembers to Octobers. It has stunning places like Chitkul, almost the last village on this side of India, Kamru Fort and many others. The food is kind of more influenced by Buddhist culture. The most amazing and memorable experiences are Trekking and apple picking. Also, make use of local transport means to experience the local culture.

Manali, Travel

Tripping in Manali – It is the place for adventure sports. There is a local dish called ‘seethu’, which is available on Mall Road. It is a must try. Manali is a beautiful destination that offers different charms in all seasons. Summers witness Manali turning into an escape from the blistering heat of the plains, while winters dress the town in a graceful garb of white snow. It spans a length of 479 km with a mean altitude in between 3 to 4 km above sea level. The beauty of road trip from Manali to Leh cannot be captured in words. The road is open for about 5 months a year mostly during summers and mid-October. The journey takes about 2 days with one stopover for rest and acclimatization.

White, Travel

Experience the Beautiful be wilderness at the White Rann of Kutch – Great destination, a truly heaven in the world, near Pak border. One should go at’ Rannutsav’ time especially between Decembers and Januarys every year. The Rann of Kutch, also known as the Great Rann of Kutch (there’s a Little Rann of Kutch as well), is a remarkable place to visit in Gujarat. Much of it consists of the world’s largest salt desert, measuring around 10,000 square kilometers. What makes it even more amazing is that the salt desert is underwater during the main monsoon season in India. For the remaining eight months of the year, it’s a massive stretch of packed white salt.



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