Few enchanting valleys that you must definitely visit

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Valley of Flowers– The valley displays an extensive variety of flora such as orchids, poppies, marigold, primulas, daisies and anemones. A lot of park’s area is covered by Alpine forests of Birch and Rhododendron. If you’re a nature lover, you must visit this place because somewhere in our heart we are still a kid, who wants to explore the world of adventure, fun and beauty together. This place offers you both. When you look at the mountains and the vegetation and the wild lives you would be taken aback, astonishment is the synonym of this place.

Travel, Self Driver Trips

Kashmir valley- Situated at the junction of Aru and Sheshnag Rivers, Pahalgam offers eye-catching view with amazing scenic beauty all around. Aru flows into the Kolahoi Glacier beyond Lidderwat and Sheshnag from glaciers along the enormous Himalayas. Initially, the destination was a shepherd village and was ruled by the Mughals during the medieval times. Pahalgam is considered as the Paradise on earth.  So, everyone who is fond of adventure should at least once visit to Pahalgam in their lifetime and is recommended to stay in Hotel Water View. As, it is really a dream place and you can’t imagine the views you will get to see there. This is for sure, that you will definitely fall in love with the beauty of this place and also you will find all Kashmiri handicrafts market there.

Travel, Self Driver Trips

Dzukou valley – Once off limits to the world, there in the remote north-eastern hills of India, lies mystic. Hills landscaped by primitive villages, some still untouched by modernization, this Molungyimsen village upon top of a steep mountain, is a must for die hard nature admirers and lovers. The hike is about 15km, not for those who are weak at heart. For the first 6km, it is a walk through the jungles, the remaining to hike up the village, this exactly where the real challenge begins. The angle of the hike almost 45 to 50 degrees, but once up the top, the feeling is exhilarating.

Travel, Self Driver Trips

Spiti valley- Lahaul and Spiti are two different districts that have merged into one, in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the country’s north. The present administrative centre of the district lies at Lahaul as Keylong. Before getting merged, the two districts had different capitals. Dhankar was the capital of Spiti, and Kardang headed Lahaul district. Once you visit this place, you will definitely have wonderful experience of this beautiful place. If you’re a writer, then you will absolutely manage to take some time out and transfer the visuals of our travel into words and put together your memorable journey through the most fantastic place on earth, Spiti Valley Himachal Pradesh.

Travel, Self Driver Trips

Markha Valley – Leh, it’s not a destination, it’s a journey. It’s a journey on the edge of life, on the curves of hills beyond thoughts, facing undesirable situation of life, journey of compelling attraction. It’s an experience you simply can’t put in words. Leh is just like a combination of seven colors of rainbow. The beauty which wraps itself in white color in winter, in summer gets dispersed in seven colors. The pride of riding bike on the highest motor able road is simply the game zone of you and your life. Here, life does not give us second chance, just a single mistake or even bad luck – game of life is over. But definitely when you reach the venue, you just get lively.  Also, you can visit the Monastery, the place of spirituality and peace of mind. Pangkok Lake which is the blue pearl kept between hills. You simply can compare it to the heaven on the Earth. Also, Nubra Valley with its beauty of white sand dunes just magnifies you. It’s impractical to bind the beauty of Leh in words. It’s a life time experience; one who loves travelling should definitely visit at least once in a life.



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