Top places that you must this September

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Darjeeling– Renowned for its scenic beauty, snow-clad Himalayas, and tea gardens, Darjeeling is frequently travelled by tourists not only from all over the country but also by the people all around the world. The place is a preferred destination due to its pleasant weather, especially during the summers. The amazing climate, picturesque surrounding is main reason why one must visit Darjeeling. Correctly renowned as the Queen of Hills, This place has an incredible charm which is difficult to be described in words. The optimum time to visit is during the winters and summers, but it is suggested to always avoid the monsoons. October, November, March and April are the most excellent months to get a comprehensible view of the sunrise from Tiger Hill.

Self drive tips, Travel

Golden temple, Amritsar– Golden Temple is a pilgrim mark for Sikh community located in the holy city of Amritsar. Popularly known as the Harmandir Sahib/ Darbar Sahib, this Gurudwara is highly praised and celebrated as one of the holiest sites of the Sikhs. A soothing and spiritual place to visit along with your friends and family. Lakhs of tourists visit this place daily. However, the Best place in Amritsar to find peace is to enjoy 24*7 Langar Seva (free food) for all the tourists and visitors.

Self drive tips, Travel

Khajurao– Located in the district of Chhatarpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Khajurao is an ancient city. The word Khajuraho is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Khajur’ which means ‘date palms’. Today, Khajuraho is famous all over the world for its temples, which belong to the medieval Hindu and Jain period. Khajuraho has a tiny village charm and has excellent hotels services with outstanding services – all located along a 3km road between the airport to the main temple complex (akin to golden mile of Las Vegas)

Self drive tips, Travel

McLeodganj– It is well-known for its Tibetan institutions and Buddhist monasteries. It was an essential territory of Katoch Dynasty, which is considered among the world’s oldest royal families. McLeodganj is an attractive place with splendid view and amazing weather. Once you reach here you can see a Lot of place to visit like bhagsunath temple, waterfall, lake, Dalai Lama temple and many more. You can enjoy the weather all the day, rain showers, different food and almost all the tourists are foreigners. Really good crowd.



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