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Mumbai_Pune_ExpresswayDec2007Drive through the Ghats on the Mumbai –Pune Expressway-The well-maintained Mumbai-Pune Expressway with its amazing free flowing roads makes your drive worth driving and enjoyable. Anyone who loves driving, it’s a must-go journey by car. Firstly, you don’t find any traffic, secondly, you can easily drive at 80 kmph and thirdly, loud music and friends makes the drive even more exhilarating and memorable. The Mumbai-Pune expressway is very scenic with picturesque surrounding. There are numerous dhabas and beautiful resorts on the way.

igatpuriIgatpuri- Igatpuri is located in the tranquil and peaceful western ghats in Nashik District just 130 km from Mumbai. It is extremely lovely in the monsoon with many waterfalls and green mountains all along. Its easily reachable by rail and road. It is also the initial point for many treks in the Sahyadri. One can go to Kalsubai the highest peak in the Sahyadri via Igatpuri. There’s not much for shopping but major attractions include the camel valley, Randha Falls, Bhadardara Lake,Umbrella Falls. Ghoti a nearby town has many rice mills and the rice obtained from here is fragrant and tasty. One can think easily of buying it as its really cheap.

mahabaleshThe twin towers of Mahabaleshwar- It is really an amazing place with heart – robbing weather. You can reach within 5 hours , if you start your journey from Mumbai. The weather remains a little rainy and a little cold. this is the place for ice cream and Strawberry lovers. You can also visit the nearby place Mahabaleshwar for an awesome experience. Table land in Panchgani is the best sightseeing.

varandha ghatVarandha Ghat –Located about 108 km from Pune, between Konkan and NH4 in Maharashtra, Varandha Pass is a attractive route that is enfolded with charming lakes and gushing waterfalls. This slightly known place is just the impeccable choice for getting soaked in the rain while you immerse up the mesmerizing natural beauty around you.

kakkabeKakkabe – It is a trekker’s pleasure to those people seeking for calm , composed and serene , as there a number of treks of varying grades (small,medium ) and that is apt for most visitors. The well laid trekking trails in Thadiandamol is quite enjoyable and challenging. It’s windy peak offers unconstrained views of exciting mountain ranges and valleys of Coorg and beyond. Neatly arranged layers of hills align one behind the other, spreading to the horizon and gradually merging into the blue sky. It is really a exhilarating experience to trek through these spectacular and pleasing forests of Kakkabe. Not to be missed: Trekking to Thadiandamol peak and exploring the ruined structures of Nalakkanad palace and ends at the Iguthappa peak.



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