Cities that are considered as Friendliest for travellers

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chandigarh_1hChandigarh -Being a planned city, one can never get lost in Chandigarh. It is cozy city with a large heart. People are friendly and it’s safe for women too with many sightseeing places, especially   for science and nature enthusiasts.Chandigarh is awesome place to visit. No traffic. Peaceful and well-planned city. Lot of greenery around.


Ahmedabad- Ahmedabad is an awesome place with great people. Clean city best place to live in India. There are great shopping destination and friendly people. There is no place like in Ahmedabad in world.From sabarmati ashram to sidi saiyad jaldi, from manek chowk to sabarmati riverfront Ahmedabad is a very nice place to be in. Very friendly people and a clean city! I believe one must visit at least once in his life to Ahmedabad.


Mumbai- You can visit Mumbai with your family/ relatives or even friends. It is amazing here and you will love all the places of Mumbai. So many people are here, I loved these people.Mumbai is a city with infinite opportunities. You can always find something to amaze you here. Everything from the beaches, restaurants, malls, and the transport is top notch. The traffic can get to you at times but it’s worth it. The people here are very friendly and helpful.If you have never travelled in the Mumbai local trains then you must.


DharamShala- This place is certainly like heaven on earth! It is a small place situated on a single road which is renowned for its nice little market with lots of collectibles. One of the main points to look out for is the Dharamshala bus stand,the view from there is simply breathtaking and is also the connection to Mcleodganj which is at a higher altitude. The people here are very hospitable and kind. One of the good restaurants this place is known for is, Midtown. Calm restaurant with some nice food. If you’re on a Himachal trip, you cannot miss this.


Jaisalmer– Jaisalmer, also known as “Golden City” is city sitiuated in the state of Rajasthan. It is the land of sand, is famous for its Forts, exotic sand dunes and their breath – taking sight. The place evokes ultimate magic and It will be an outstanding experience to stay in the desert and surrounded by the nice and very friendly people.


Shimla – Your trip to Shimla will certainly be one of the most memorable moments you   experienced in life. The long evening walks from the mall to the hotel and the small restaurants, the local momos are really awesome. Coupled with treks to Jakhu and the viceroy’s lodge and all the heritage buildings was very educative.It is suggested to visit this place in the summers as the weather was very pleasant and the picturesque surrounding makes it an eye – catching view. The only thing that could slightly irritating are the traffic jams and so its recommend to go to nearby places on foot rather than taking a car.



  1. among the listed……. i loved Jaiselmer the most. We got the opportunity to stay in the dunes for a couple of days which was just magical…..I recommended my friends to visit it and a few went their after me. Jaiselmer and its dunes are best during New Year.


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