Places that you must visit during this Summers

Pahalgam-2Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir – It is one of the most beautiful and attractive hill stations in the Himalayan range covered with roaring water, green valleys, and snow-capped mountains. The most thrilling experience is the horse ride across the valley . The leisure walk with ease along the lush green meadows surrounded by tall pine, oak and other trees is tremendously awesome. The other major attraction is the glacier called Chandanwadi which is simply very beautiful. The deep valleys – Betab Valley and Auru Valley which have rare vegetation which   picturesque surrounding . If you are a nature admirer, you must surely visit Pahalgam.

saputraSaputra, Gujarat – The resorts, lakes, swimming pools, gardens and parks, they all exist at this splendid and majestic hill station in Gujarat, located near to the Maharashtra border. You can try tasting a number of Gujarati delicacies here at the numerous restaurants and eateries. Enjoying your favorite snack while relaxing along the lake, amidst the surrounding hills is definitely something you would love to do! The hill station has something for each traveler or anyone who is fond of exploring new places. Go boating in the Saputara Lake, birdwatching in the Vansda National Park, horse/camel ride at Sunrise Point, Ride on the ropeway, trekking in the nearby valleys and hills, or you can simply choose to relax and hear the birds chirping at the dawn.

Amboli ghat

Amboli Ghat, Maharastra– This is a delightful green hilly destination that lies in the Sahyadri Range of Westren Ghats, just about  500 km south off Mumbai and some 90 km east of Goa . It is almost ten hour overnight journey which is perfectly amazing for this weekend gateway . Infact , it is truly awesome to visit this destination in monsoon season for a great rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. This place is must visit for couples, large groups, families and nature admirers alike. Explore the mighty ghats and remarkable views dotted with abundant waterfalls.

mizoramChampahai, Mizoram – Champahai, is a village-cum-town is one of the coldest places in Mizoram is considered to be the food bowl of the state. The rich and lush paddy fields can be seen everywhere on this mountain spot. Here, you can spend all your time walking around leisurely admiring picturesque surrounding and exploring the market. You can spend your entire day amongst the innumerable blanket, utensil and tailor shops purchasing the products. The market also has variety of roasted and stranded pork pieces, green veggies, local spices and herbs besides myriad varieties of fruits. Chanem Building is like the mall of Champhai where you can hang around and have a good time with your friends and relatives.



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