Ways to Spend Time with your Friends by exploring amazing Places

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snow leopardVisit Kashmir and spotting the snow leopard could be fun –The snow leopard comes down to hunt the mountain goats and other animals that come to a lower altitude for grazing. You will indeed be very very lucky if you get to have spot the snow leopards on your trip. There are definitely stories of people staying up in the mountains for months before they can spot a snow leopard.

trout fishingTrout Fishing in Avalanche Valley,Ooty –This is a picturesque spot which is about 25 km from Ooty, and has a beautiful lake along with the Avalanche Dam. It is an outstanding location for visitors who wish to try trout fishing and you can easily get rods on hire from the local fishery center. Avalanche lake is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India and is perfect destination for those who are on an adventure trip in Ooty. Tourist from all over the world can come and reside here. The lake is well- known for it’s orchids, trout stream, shola trees and magnolias. The surrounding of the lakes provides a spectacular view with the emerald camp in the valley.

glacier trekkingGo Glacier trekking to Gaumukh-This place is where the Ganges River originates and it is basically called Bhagirathi in that region. You can start your trekking 19 km-long from Gangotri and by the evening, you can definitely manage to reach a place called Chirwasa – which is a place at Bhagirathi Valley. During the night, this place gets really cold and you could witness some of the most reputed peaks of the country – Gangotri and Bhagirathi and icing of the cake, sparkling like a crown, was the Shivling Peak. Next day, you can start early morning to reach Gaumukh. On the way, you will experience a 500 metre-long landslide prone area where you might have to run and cross missing the falling stones. Finally, in a few hours, you will find that you reached Gangotri. Trust me, you might have never seen something so beautiful. This definitely might not be a mountain covered with ice; but this time it would be a mountain of ice and must be your first-ever glacier experience – it is simply jaw-dropping beauty. That feeling of seeing origin of India’s longest river is incredible. Like everyone else, even you can get a bottle of pure Ganga water home. Worth every step you might have to take in 19km long trek with is certainly Life time opportunity.

bamboo raftingBamboo Rafting in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary -Thekkady is a lovely place to visit. It has its own unique natural scenic beauty. It is rich in flora and fauna. So, you can definitely can’t miss a chance of boating in Periyar Lake. There you have an opportunity to see and film the wildlife while they are in their natural habitat. Other than scenic beauty in Thekkady you can do various adventurous tourism like trekking, wildlife train, bamboo rafting, border hiking and rock climbing.

Palolem-Beach-Goa-3Sit back and relax at Palolem – This is a laid back calm and serene beach in southern Goa, which is very different from the other beaches with calm waves away from the hustle bustle of the city. Also no interference from any kind of commercial water sports like motor boats,jet ski etc. People are really hospitable and night life is decent enough to enjoy. Most of the crowd is foreigner’s and the beach is very clean. Infact , your journey to Goa is not complete without visiting Palolem beach.



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