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dharamshalaPlan your trip to Dharamshala- It’s definitely a very good place to hang out. Here, after some trekking on to the mountain you can find Bhagsunag Water Fall. Plan your visit to Bhagsunag Mandir, which is a very old mandir in upper Dharamshala which is known as McLeodganj. Also, you can visit Dalai Lama temple, Tibetan Monasteries and lot more. There are lot many things to do which you can try out there. There is a swimming pool in front of the Bhagsunag temple where the water is too chill to swim. But you can enjoy here as much as you want to.

worlds-highest-motorable-roadHire a Bike and Ride on the worldโ€™s Highest motorable Road –This is a God gifted land by Mother nature, beautifully carved and sculptured which give a really fantastic feeling , as though you are in some magical land. These type of terrains, lakes and plains could hardly be found in other parts of the world. The visit to Nubra Valley was amazing, passing through the highest motorbike able road in the world at Khardung La. All in all, it is a land of paradise. Khardung-La pass is world’s highest motorable road about 17000 Feet, which is mostly covered with snow, and after reaching Nubra valley you will get to see the most peaceful and beautifulplace.

goa trance partiesHead to Goa for its Iconic trance Parties – Anjuna is one of the best beaches in North Goa (at least for the non-commercial and chilled-out crowd). Baga is about 5-6 kms and Vagator is 7-8 kms away. So you can make a trip to these places and come back to anjuna for the night. Wednesday afternoon should be reserved for the anjuna flea market, its awesome and unbelievably exhaustive! Shiva Valley is known for the tuesday full moon trance nights.. starts from 6pm and goes on till 4-5 am!!! entry is free and they get international DJs regularly.

skydivingGo Skydiving in Mysore- Beat the most obvious fear of oblivion that haunts most mortals by taking control of your life and feeling the rush of jumping off a plane at 5000 ft. Skydiving is easily the epitome of all adventure sports, specially designed for the bold. Ever wondered what it’s relish to liberate fall at the speed of 240 kilometers per hour? The free fall is the highest natural high a human can ever procure. Mysore now offers tandem and static skydiving. Go donโ€™t wait for anymore signs and jump.


Bask in the tranquility Varanasi– There is an air of being in an ancient land the very minute you set foot in Varanasi. The atmosphere seems heavy with the vast congregation of people who’ve come to the city for religious purposes. Cynics may disagree, but even atheists with a sense for aesthetics will agree that the ghats on the banks of the Ganga with all the lore surrounding them, the visit to Kashi Vishwanath temple, the evening ‘Ganga aarti’ rituals, everything is an experience to behold. Overall, Varanasi is a city that one must visit in their lifetime, if only to know what it feels like to be in one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.



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