Places that are so beautiful that you must surely visit once in a Lifetime

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ChoptaChopta is renowned for clean environment , green scenic views with serene days, and   charming deep dark night sky with twinkling stars. The high mountain peaks, expedition to Lord Tungnath from where various beautiful snowcapped peaks with pleasing sunlight and coniferous trees and the meadows (the ‘Bugyals’)will certainly give you the intended peacetime that you require.

havelock islandHavelock island – It is an unquestionably attractive island with numerous white sand beaches , lots of greenery and calm atmosphere around . The people residing here are kind, helpful and guiding. The quality of sea food available on this island is good and food is really delicious. Also, there are a number of water sport activities available at most of the resorts here. The sunset view at Radhanagar Beach is amazing and a must watch. The crystal clear water with the tropical seclusion makes it a must visit . The added bonus is that island has virtually no digital connectivity.

MawsynramMawsynramThis is a fantastic place to experience the pleasure of being at valleys and viewing clouds , enjoying rains and so much more. It is one of the great destination for a rejuvenating and relaxing road trip. The admiring weather with cold gushed winds added with the hilly terrains would simply make the nature lovers go ‘WOW’ , there’s a lot of picturesque surroundings  and scenery on the way. However, the Facilities might be sometimes lacking owing to the low population density in the area, but with a subtle reserve of the essentials, Mawsynram offers a boundless striking views.

lahaul-spitiLahaul and Spiti- It is a big place having with snow clad mountains having an international boundary with Tibet.This place is simply an amalgamation of rich culture where you can easily explore new places, and meet different people. The place is well – known for its beautiful landscapes and lovely designed huts, which are probably more comfortable than any luxury resort.

RavanglaRavangla It is a very beautiful and peaceful place where you can spend few days in the lap of nature and relax. Plan you trip and stay accordingly stayed there for 3 days. Know that this place has very unpredictable weather with sun and clouds playing hide and seek .There are numerous beautiful resort here and mostly all of them have a very captivating view of the mountains where you can easily spend your whole day enjoying the scenic view.

dharamshalaDharamshala -One of the best place where you get the feeling like you are in heaven. It is the awesome place to relax, unwind yourself and get out from the hustle bustle of hectic city life. There are numerous hotel and resorts which give you the best of the services and time to be with yourself. It is regarded as an adobe of Tibetan Dharma-guru his godliness Dalai Lama, which gives it a very exclusive buddhist acculturation. The people are out there are very sincere, helpful, friendly and helpful. Also, the stay there would very pleasant because the place in less frequently overcrowded.

KozhikodeeeKozhikode – It has always been a nice place to visit a lot of traditional temples , see the sea-shore and taste the delicious seafood with ultimate traditional flavor. The outstanding mountainous place near Kozhikode is Wayanad is, which is the best place for people who like traditional places.



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