The cleanest beaches in India

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havelock islandRadhanagar Beach, Havelock Island – This is one of most well – known and the much talked-about due to its sand texture and sightseeing destination of Havelock Island that has lived up to the expectation of most of the tourists. Know that the best time to visit is during sunset, as you cannot really afford to miss the chance to experience the heavenly picturesque views and scenic beauty that the place offers during night in Havelock Island. Also, when it comes to the cleanliness, this beach is very well maintained with both proper bathroom and changing room facilities after a sea-bath.

Cherai_beachCherai Beach, Kochi – Cherai Beach is very good and clean beach surrounded by all the good people around . Once you visit you will definitely love the atmosphere as the entire region is very calm place will give peace of mind. You should this place visit at least once whenever you go to Kochi. This is definitely a very nice beach to visit, very clean and not much crowded as well. Therefore, you must visit once if you are in Cochin, very near from airport for a memorable experience.

sun_risePuri Beach , Orissa – The beach has a splendid view with all goodfacilities right from the accommodation (hotels), transportation and to all the other facilities. The beach is cleaned regularly by concerned authority and therefore it is properly maintained.If you are fond of the sea beaches, then Jagannath puri beaches in Orissa are best beaches in India with crystal clear water after Andaman and Nicobar.

baga-beachBaga Beach – This a nice beach where you can easily find all the activity at one place with the locality crowded with European . It is definitely a good destination for all the nature admirers and beach lover. You will have memorable experience if you plan your visit with your family and children. The beach’s sighting is calm and cool which will relax your mood and unwind your senses. Also, you can enjoy shopping with variety of options available and even the seafood around is very delicious. The sunrise and sunset is very captivating, you can even enjoy that.

CALANGUTEEEECalangute Beach, Goa – Calangute beach is a nice and clean beach to visit and one can really rejuvenate himself at this beach. One can enjoy the scenic beauty by sitting here for hours. It is the most happening beach that is located in the heart of Goa with some very fine beach shacks. This is the place buzzing with activity and tourists. So, if you come to Goa and if you don’t visit Calangute then your trip is incomplete.

rishigonda beachhhRishikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam – This crescent beach with its deep blue waters is ever enticing to sea lovers. The hills behind provide the perfect romantic backdrop. A real pleasure walking from one end to the other or just sitting on the rocks and enjoy the surf sprayed on your face. Beautiful and serene beach, you can sit back and relax here. You can check this place early morning. Hardly any crowd there, which makes the place more clean and tidy. Sandy beach and crystal clear water is at its best.



  1. I have not heard of most of the beaches mentioned above and they are really clean, I feel delighted to know about the beautiful things in India through your blog, will keep coming for more 🙂


  2. I have been to Puri and really it is a gorgeous beach. This is a very useful post indeed as these days one hardly find any such beach which are clean and serene. Thanks for sharing the info. 🙂


  3. I can only boast of having been to baga and calangute! The rest have been added to my list, thanks to you, as usual 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Wow. Good to know clean beaches exists in India. I have only been to Calangute Beach as of now. Shall surely visit the rest someday! Thank you for the compilation. 🙂


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