One Day Road Trip ideas from Delhi

Kuchesar Mud FortKuchesar Mud Fort – It is a good getaway for people in Delhi who are looking for short term break but do not have sufficient leave. Kuchesar is a heritage village situated in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, and is perfect for a day tour from Delhi. Kuchesar is well-known for the mud fort constructed by the Jat rulers here. The drive through the entire route will be smooth and good. It is suggested to use Google maps which will prove to be very handy in discovering the route.

Distance: 100 km

Route: NH24

VrindavanVrindavan -Delhi to Vrindavan is at a distance of about 140 km that will take nearly three hours to reach depending on traffic condition. The route to Vrindavan is very smooth  and good. You might travel via Faridabad to Mathura Road. However, there is an alternate route via Noida-Expressway with Toll around Rs.100. It is generally preferable to travel early morning starting at 6 in the morning, you will easily reach there around 9.15 am . Then, as per your plan you can visit various destinations like Iscon, Banke Bihari ji, Radha Daamodar, Radha Valab, and around 12, you can set yourself to get back to Delhi.

Distance: 142 km

Route: NH 2

neenranaNeemrana fort palace – The drive to Neemrana is a mixed ride, the journey till the highway is good until you reach the turn to Neemrana. But everything fades once you reach the fortress, it revitalizes your mind and soul and then you are in to discover the narrow passages and exploring new routes inside the fortress. This palace has  built been built over 12 layers with 7 wings tiered into a hill, and thus it is one of the most exclusive day trips from Delhi. Here you’ll find hanging gardens, ayurvedic spa, two swimming pools and also India’s first zip line.

Distance: 122 km

Route: Delhi – Jaipur Highway

yamuna expresswayAgra– This is great road where the car can easily move at a speed of 100 km per hour. You will certainly enjoy the drive. It takes almost 2 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination and you will find the famous Buddh circuit in your way. If you plan to return to New Delhi within 24 hours then you will have to buy toll for both sides. There are multiple routes from Delhi to Agra, but the fastest route to Agra is the Yamuna Expressway. The expressway starts from Noida and ends at Agra. The toll for the complete journey is around Rs. 320 for cars. The roads are more or less empty and the car can easily cruise at a speed of 150 kmph. While driving your car can easily reach upto a whopping speed of 210 kmph. But, you will have to control the speed to avoid the risk of bursting of the tyre .Although there is no need to take a stop, there are food joints on the way to take a break or buy refreshments.

Distance: 214 km

Route: Taj Express Highway /Yamuna Expressway



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