Must visit Islands in India that are never crowded throughout the year

pic1Agitti Island – Agatti Island is an amazing place with limited tourists on the whole island with beautiful white beach all to you. The snorkelling is amazing, coral a little bleached but lots and lots of fish right in the lagoon. The most outstanding feature of the islands is they have tranquil blue lagoon surrounded by crystal clear water and fringed by snow white coral sands. The islands are formed due to the calcareous secretions of polyp colony and therefore the islands are atolls in their origin. The Corals, crystal clear water and the rich marine flora and fauna enriches the charisma of these islands. The people here are so helpful, modest and friendly unlike the other beaches that you have been to.

pic2Kadmat Island – Kadmat is one of the Islands of Lakshadweep with crystal clear water where you can easily spot out the fishes and the sea floor which is almost 30 feet deep. The Island is just at a distance of 12 Kms so you can easily relax, go snorkelling, try deep water diving or you can shop for coconuts and Prawn Chutney.

pic3Kavaratti Island – Avaratti is famous for the snow-white coral sand and lagoons that are available here along with coconut trees and white sandy beaches covering most of the regions. The weather condition of Kavaratti is tropical with summers starting from the month of March and continues to May.

pic4Port Blair – Port Blair is the destination if you’re looking for beach experience as well as peace of nature then. There are no night pubs in this place and it is away from the hustle –bustle of the busy city life. People here are very soft spoken and generous. The places has number of tourist destination that you can visit. There are plenty of small shops selling all daily needs. Traffic is very smooth and roads are clean and you can easily find beaches everywhere. The government is taking special initiative in keeping these beaches clean and you will come to know the difference of a beach in goa and one in andamans once you visit here.

pic5Havelock Island – Havelock Island is also known as “Heavenly-lock island” because of picturesque  views and amazing  location. One should not think of anything else and just needs to escape, rejuvenate and get back. The greenery, scenery and history of this place is mesmerizing. The water bodies are so clean and refreshing that you would definitely start hating the water bodies at your own hometowns. The Scuba Diving experience is something totally out of the world, and needs to be experienced by one and all. Therefore, it is suggested to book the tickets and catch the next flight to Havelock island, rather than wasting time in reading endless remarkable reviews about this place.


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