Top places to travel abroad in May-June

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The month of May-June is characterised by the arrival of the sultry weather, cotton clothing, chilled coolers and crop tops. Children rejoice their vacations after school and for parents, it’s break time too. The weather and the monotony of routine calls for a vacation abroad to relax, let go and explore the globe a little more. A few ideal destinations to visit abroad this summer are listed below.

Lille, France

Top places to travel abroad

A pretty European town just 1 hour away from Paris. It’s one of the buzzing art destinations of Europe. It’s full of art museums, exhibitions and modern art. With cobblestoned streets and a salubrious weather, it’s wonderful to just stroll around and exult in the artsy town of Lille. Moreover, if you want to enjoy some good food and craft beers, it also offers Cafés and Bistros. The Clarance Hôtel Lille is a mansion converted into a hotel with rooms named after French poems. Stay in this hotel for an authentic experience.

Shanghai, China

Top places to travel abroad

This rapidly growing and developing Chinese city is extremely glamorous and happening with clubs, restaurants and bars. The five star shopping experience with a variety of high class brands and much more, Shanghai city has a lot to offer. The famous soup dumpling delicacy is not to be missed. In the month of May, the weather is extremely pleasant as the rains have subsided and the breeze is pleasant. The city gets filled with tourists until June so book your tickets as soon as you can to not miss the very popular opening of Shanghai Disney resort.

Cape Cods, Massachusetts

Top places to travel abroad

This seaside retreat is a fun beach side destination with serene beaches. It offers a plethora of activities pertaining to all interests. Head here, earlier in the month of May to book your space on empty beaches and reasonable Airbnb rates. From whale watching to the fire and history museum to a tour of the Cape cod Potato chip company’s factory in Hyannos. You could also relish upon some exotic seafoods like the fried clams to fresh oysters, the sea on a plate.

Lake Como, Italy

Top places to travel abroad

The famous lake Como of Italy is just a few miles away from the buzzing city of Milan. It’s recently opened up new restaurants and several hotels including Il Sereno Lago di Como. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has undergone a huge makeover with a rejuvenating spa experience for those who want to be pampered 24/7. The famous Ristorante Silvio, where chef Cristian Ponzini serves you wit h his exotic preparation of missoltin- salt lake sardine.

Canggu, Bali

Top places to travel abroad

With relaxing beaches, serene waters and beautiful horizons, Bali is the destination for a chilled out vacation. Sun, sand and seafood, what better way to spend your vacations? Canggu, a town on the island’s southwestern coast is a destination to enjoy in Bali. It’s opened up vegetarian restaurants, quirky cafes, Australian cafes and hotels like the Frii Bali Echo beach. The famous surfing competition hosted by Deus in May is open to all, pros and amateurs and promises a weekend full of joy.




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