Food Trucks in Delhi

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Food Trucks have been a common sight in many foreign countries. The concept of food truck is fast catching up with lot of entrepreneurs who are food enthusiasts. People have embraced the concept of food trucks and Delhi is not far behind. There is lots of amazing food trucks in Delhi that needs to be mentioned here. Let us have a glance at them:

  • What the Truck:

Food Trucks in Delhi

After venturing successfully with its first food truck in 2014, Gaurav Gianchandani is today a proud owner of 5-6 trucks. Located in Leisure Valley Road, Sector 29, Gurgaon the menu comprises of mostly American food. The most surprising fact about his food trucks are that all are run on solar energy.

  • The Lalit Food Truck Company:

Food Trucks in Delhi

Street food has modernized in terms of hygiene and taste. Lalit food Truck Company scores over here. If you love Mexican food, then there are lot of options like nachos, churros, tacos and much more. This food truck is owned by Mr. Keshav Suri and is located at Barakhamba Road.

  • Super Sucker:

Food Trucks in Delhi

This food truck serves Mexican to Mediterranean to American food. Foodie owner Karan Malik wanted to serve his customers something different. This food truck can be found at Wellington Estate II, DLF 5 in Gurgaon.

  • Hoppers and Kobri:

Food Trucks in Delhi

Started in 2014, Kobri food truck was designed to bring an innovation in food choices. It started with healthy menus like Idli Sandwiches popularly called Idliwiches and dosa wraps. Their second concept with Hoppers food truck was very different from first one like Burger, Sandwich and salad. This food truck can be spotted at DLF phase 5 in Gurgaon.

  • Dosa Inc.:

Food Trucks in Delhi

Dosa has got its fans worldwide. However in Okhla Phase 3, a food truck run by husband and wife duo found their love in varieties of dosa like Mysore Masala Dosa, Appam, apart from Idli and Wadas. They can be spotted outside educational institutions and offices on the weekdays and by the park on weekends.

  • Frugurpop:

Food Trucks in Delhi

Sector 57, Gurgaon has got a solution to beat the heat with their 100% additives free and natural Mexican popsicles called Palatez. Hand crafted and totally innovative concept, Frugurpop has carved its name among ice cream lovers!

  • Oh, Buoy:

Food Trucks in Delhi

Looking for something different? Head over to sector 93 A, Greater Noida expressway and you will get delicious platter of continental servings from the likes of Mexican, Lebanese and continental dishes. Food lovers swear by their Chicken wings and burgers. Oh Buoy also does online delivery.

  • Nashta Pani:

Food Trucks in Delhi

Shaped like a food truck, and in a sense it is a food truck given the fact that licensing laws state that food trucks need to be stationed. This food truck is found near Sultanpur Metro station. Ranging from parathas, poha, aloo puri, to sandwiches, this truck caters to all types of tastes and flavor.

Food trucks have opened up new avenues for home chefs and those foodies who are eager to experiment with their foods with investing much money.



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