Waterfalls that very few travelers have visited

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Mawsmai Falls- It is the fourth highest waterfall in India, located at a distance of few kilometers from Cherrapunji. The height of this waterfall is 1,035 ft., known as the wettest place on earth. This waterfall is also famous by the name of Nohsngithiang Falls.


Dhuandhar Falls- It is located at Bhedaghat in Jabalpur. It is a widespread destination among tourists as well as locals. Edged by green trees and shrubs, the ruffled and bustling Narmada River falling down from a height is like a stunning painting come alive. The smoke cascade formed by fine water sprays is indeed a visual treat. My favorite place to visit is Dhuandhar fall; it contains marble rocks and big stream of water flow over it. Boating over the river makes it a beautiful and attractive place to visit.


Iruppu Falls – It is a fresh water cascade, which is located in Coorg district of Karnataka. This fall originates from the Lakshmana Tirtha River, which is the tributary of Cauvery River. Owing to this, the fall is renowned as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. From these falls, visitors can reach Brahmagiri Peak, following a forest trial.


Bee Falls, Pachmarhi-Lovely, milk-white water ripples over great rock formations gives this falls a sight-seeing view. The falls are impressive even in summer when temperatures touch 40 degrees Celsius. This place seems to be crowded for pot-bellied gents to strip to briefs and pose for a thousand or more photographs. It does not enhance the view; quite the contrary, in fact. However, the beauty of narrow stream of water falling like melting silver makes the sight photographic.


Barehipani Falls, Odisha-
A breathtaking sight, Barehipani is India’s second highest waterfall. Its roar can be heard many miles away. The forest lodge situated on the opposite bank, is a wonderful place for wildlife viewing. There are elephants, tiger, gaur, deer and a great variety of bird life. The people are very good and simple and really take care of tourists. The packed lunch from Tosali is an added luxury.




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