Places that must visit being a “Traveller”

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im1pGo Champhai in Mizoram -Champhai was one of the must visits on any traveler / explorer itinerary . You will definitely enjoy ther mountain drive (90% of which was composed of blind curves) to reach this place. Champhai, is the coldest place in Mizoram and regarded as the food bowl of the state. Everywhere on this mountain you can spot Paddy fields can be seen. It is basically a village-cum-town where you can spend all your time walking around relaxing , admiring nature and exploring the market. Infact. The market also has variety of green veggies, local spices, roasted and stranded pork pieces, and herbs besides innumerable varieties of fruits. The sea of mist is very distinctive of the Mizo mountains and contributes to the uique selling point of Mizoram. You’ll definitely remember this view and you won’t get it anywhere in the world! On visiting Champhai ensure that you explore the better side of your relationship with your spouse and reignite your romance in a better way.

yarada-beachYrada Beach in Visakhapatnam – Being a little far from the main city and Yrada beach in itself is a little difficult to find if you cant really decide where to go. This is one of the most exclusive beaches; and here you will find both the beach and hill at the same place. This magnificent combo of nature makes the beach very beautiful and picturesque. It is one of the virgin beaches and you might not find many people or vendors there. There is no place to eat around the beach therefore ensure that you plan your trip accordingly.


GandikotaA heritage Destination like Gandikota -If you are looking forward to visit an unusual place which will unwind and blow you away then Gandikota is the best place. Just Beside the Penna river, there is a 13th century fort which is surrounded by the Eramala range of hills in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The river Pennar flows about 300 ft surrounded by impassable hills and a deep valley , with massive boulders of red granite below on the west and northern sides. This is also popularly renowned as the grand canyon of India. Also, there are number of other architectures which might interest you. The Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Jama masjid, Granary, Gandikota Gorge View Point and Fort Entrance will take you back to the ages when the paved roads once echoed the sound of horses hoof. The major point of attraction is the Gorge view point which has a mysterious resemblance to the Grand canyon of Arizona.

im4wThe Vishansar Lake in Sonamarg – It is an alpine high altitude oligotrophic (environments that offer little to sustain life) lake situated in Sonamarg which hold great significance to Kashmiri pandits.. The lake is covered with lush green meadows during summers and freezes during winters. The Lake with its snow-covered mountains, scenic beauty   with their gorges filled with small glaciers and the meadows around, with alpine flowers is an attraction for the trekkers and explorers in the Kashmir Valley.



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