Few places that are best getaway for those who hate Summers

Pahalgam_ValleyPahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir –It is one of the most good-looking and attractive hill stations in the Himalayan range surrounded with green valleys, snow-capped mountains and roaring water. The horse ride across the valley is the most electrifying experience that could ever have. The leisure walk along the lush green meadows surrounded by tall pine, oak and other trees is really captivating . The other places of attractions are the glacier called Chandanwadi to the edge which is simply stunning. The other deep valleys – Betab Valley and Auru Valley have rare vegetation. If you are a nature lover, you must definitely visit Pahalgam.

Kotagiri Nilgiri Tamil Nadu holiday resorts IndiaKotagiri, Tamil Nadu – This is a really very good place to relax, unwind, breathe in the fresh air and witness picturesque surrounding. However, there are not many sightseeing places, but it is definitely a good place to be in the midst tea plantation with delicious food and affordable accommodation. It is just at a distance of about 35 km from Ooty and 30 km from Coonoor. On a 2-3 day trip, you can even take a ride on the toy train to Ooty and come back. If you are anadventure enthusiast, take a biking trip to Kotagiri. The experience will be remarkable due to the brilliantly constructed roads and picturesque view.

saputara-lake-gujarat (1)Suputara, Gujarat –This magnificent hill station comprises of all right from lake, resorts, swimming pools, gardens and parks, they all exist here in Suputara in Gujarat, located close to the Maharashtra border. You can taste a number of delicious Gujarati delicacies at restaurants and eateries. Enjoy your favourite food while you relax and wind yourself along the lake, amidst the surrounding hills tops my list. Even try to go for boating in the Saputara Lake, horse or camel ride at Sunrise Point, Ride on the ropeway, trekking in the nearby hills and valleys, birdwatching in the Vansda National Park or you can simply choose to relax and hear the birds sing at the dawn!

Amboli-GhatAmboli Ghat, Maharastra- Amboli Ghat is an delightful green hill destination that is located in the Sahyadri Range of Westren Ghats, just about at a distance of 90 km east of Goa and some 500 km south off Mumbai. A 10-hour overnight journey could be impeccable for this weekend gateway that’s truly overwhelming in the monsoon and a must visit for couples, relatives, friends and nature lovers alike for an outstanding revatilization of body, mind and soul. Discover the mighty ghats and remarkable views dotted with numerous waterfalls.

lastChampahai, Mizoram – Champahai, one of the iciest places in Mizoram, seems to be the food bowl of the state. Paddy fields can be seen everywhere on this mountain spot. It is a village-cum-town where you can spend most of your time walking around leisurely exploring the market and admiring nature. Also, you can spend your entire day amongst the immeasurable blanket, utensil and tailor shops. The market also has variety of green veggies, local spices, roasted and marooned pork pieces, and herbs besides countless varieties of fruits. Chanem Building is like the mall of Champhai where you can hang around with your buddies and have a good time.



  1. Which I like summers as being in Basel hardly get Sun I loved all the choices esplly Satpura as me is from Gujarat 🙂


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