World’s most dangerous roads

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Here we’ve shared a few roads which are dangerous and risky to take:

Dangerous roads

There’s an old Yungas road in Bolivia with a stretch of 40 miles linking La Paz to Coroico which enfolds the cliffs that overlook a sprawling canyon. This road has many sharp turns, recommended to drive at 10mph than take a chance. Most popularly known as the hitchhike to hell, or “The Death Road”. The death toll on this road is said to be approximately 200 people per year who fall and die.

Karnali highway, west of nepal

This road is situated in Karnali highway in the Himalayas, west of Nepal.  With a stretch of 155-mile, has the worst dirt road’s surface, it’s a guess for cyclist “perhaps not today.” A road full of potholes, patches, and people who drive through this road tend to slide off, and major chokes can be found on steep climb.

Dangerous roads

This ice road in Alaska is said to be one of the most dreaded roads, known as the James Dalton Highway with a stretch of 414 mile. This road is a passage between the oil fields of the Artic Sea and general population. With extreme winters and the ice formation, this road makes it very slippery for truckers to drive on.

Dangerous roads

Along the Baja Peninsula, Mexico is the road Federal Highway 1 that covers a 1000 miles of straight up road. This road curves around the mountains and the cliffs often used by freight trucks for transporting goods to remote villages. The worst being, the truck drivers do not have to pass any driving test in the six Mexican states, making this road available to amateur drivers.

Dangerous roads

“Road that tolerates no mistakes”, is the true meaning of the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China. This road was built by 13 local villagers from the Taihang Mountains (it is said that many villagers died during construction). These wide carved mountain tunnels measures 15ft high X 12ft, but gives a view of the Chinese countryside through 30 “windows” that were cut out of the cliff. This road is the top most tourist attraction road, apart from being the steepest roads known by far.

Dangerous roads

Atlantic road in Norway, is a 5 mile highway connects islands between Kristansund and Molde with eight different bridges. This road has a stretch parallel to the ocean that gets scruffy by massive waves and fierce winds during the storms. On the plus side this road has the most beautiful scenic view in Europe.

Dangerous roads

The extreme road conditions on this 10 mile Nanga Parbat Pass in Pakistan (aka Fairy Meadows Rd) is known for death. With an altitude of 10,000 ft. above sea level. When combined with narrow passages, and unstable, graveled roads mean that you’re in for a wild ride with no guardrails, to top it all with a steep 6 mile rise.



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