Most Serene Beaches in India

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Marari Beach, Kerala -Marari beach is a quite, undeveloped and secluded beach, located 10 Kms from Alleppey. It does not have any restaurants or stalls and hence no large crowd. Marari Beach is not far from Alleppey in Kerala, and is perfect destination for those people who love exploring the Kerala backwaters and spending time at the beach as well.


radhanagar beachRadhanagar Beach, Havelock Island – Lush green on one side, sun going off to bed made of rocky mountains, blue jelly fish, the restful quietude, a small Shiva temple in the midst of wood, the place makes its way to the top of anyone’s choice. Place to enjoy with family, just couples enjoying the bliss of the moment,frolick with the teasing sea waves, even try to capture in shutter the tiny crabs running to their hidings, a poet savoring his poetry, or a sketcher may  try his talent. Wow! Unforgettable moments. People who like to stay back in the dark can sit back to catch sights of glowing plankton, and  get mesmerized by their nature and beauty. Best time to visit is Sunset.

st_marys_bay_1St.Mary’s Beach- It is a must visit place and you can easily  explore this place  quite early .Actually Udupi is not a very big city and  so it is not possible  for anyone who visit this place to spend the entire time sitting at the beach for whole day. So visiting this island is nice activity to do. But on  visiting , this place you must try other different activities too. The boat ride will make you feel good, and you will  definitely have  the wonderful experience. You will get some nice scenic beauty, can sit on rocks  to enjoy the breeze.


Agatti beach, Lakshadweep- Agatti is a very beautiful island of Lakshadweep, which is widely covered with coconut trees and surrounded by coral reef. The island is about 9km long and the width is about 200 m in most of the part. The earning of the most of the common people are fishing. There is no any agriculture product in the Island which is mainly depends on the mainland India.


Samundra Beach -It is a great beach. Good beach properties, off-white sand, nice view, good amount of palm trees which makes it a proper beach experience.Beaches are quite commercial in the month of November to January and less commercial in the month of June to September. But overall you will get good restaurants on the beach, bars, other activities etc. All in all, I liked the complete ambiance and wish to visit again.



  1. what a pity I haven’t been to any of them… hopefully soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing SDT… been missing your comments on my blog 🙂 Hope to see you back soon 🙂


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