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India has variety of tasty street food that is relished by everyone. It is a blessing in disguise for the hungry stomach. It also gives you immense satisfaction in terms of taste and is worth value for money. Let us glance through different Indian Street food state wise.

Paratha (Delhi)

Indian Street Food

Though it is believed that street food is normally unhealthy, but paratha is a healthy treat from the streets of Delhi. The famous paratha galli is well known for varieties of different mouthwatering parathas like potato, cauli flower, cheese, mix-vegetable, onion, khurchan or paneer.

Momos (North East)

Indian Street Food

Mainly belonging to north east states, momos have made every state its fan. They are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Momos can be relished with clear soup and chili sauce. One can find momos shops in almost every local market in each state. Being steamed they are healthy too.

Litti Chokha (Bihar)

Indian Street Food

It is traditional Bihari snack made from wheat flour or sattu, ghee and is eaten with potato, brinjal and tomatoes. A trip of Bihar is incomplete with tasting delicious Litti Chokha.

Pav Bhaji (Mumbai)

Indian Street Food

Pav Bhaji is one of the most loved street food of Mumbai. It has combination of all vegetables with right masala to make it a complete dish. It is eaten with pav or bread sprinkled with onions and dash of lemon.

Vada Pav (Mumbai)

Indian Street Food

This can easily be called the most famous street food of Mumbai and serves as a staple diet for people looking for cheap food. Pav break stuffed with potatoes dumplings, Vada pav can be enjoyed with dry garlic chutney, fried green chillies and onions.

Poha Jalebi (Indore)

Indian Street Food

This is a traditional dish of Indore, which is normally served as a breakfast. Poha is fast gaining popularity in all states especially Maharashtra and Rajasthan. It is made is with flattened rice, onions and potatoes. Steaming hot poha with cuts of jalebis make an awesome combination for breakfast.

Chole Bhature (Delhi)

Indian Street Food

Capital city Delhi is the best among street food offering loads of variety and tastes. Chole Bhature tastes best in Delhi. Chole is a chick peas curry whereas Bhature is a fried puri made with fermented all purpose flour.  Though it is a Punjabi dish, it is savored all over India.

Idli Sambhar/ Dosa (South)

Indian Street Food

The south of India is famous for its rice items like Idli and Dosa. Idli and Dosa are the popular condiments of the south of India namely Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Idli and Dosa are accompanied with sambhar, which is lentil curry and coconut chutney.

Pani Puri (Mumbai)

Indian Street Food

A sight of Pani Puri vendor is enough to tempt you to take a quick bite of sweet and sour mint water filled inside the small puri. It is accompanied with a filling of mashed potatoes and sweet chutney.

Misal Pav (Pune)

Indian Street Food

If you are fond of spicy sprouted curry which can be served with a pav, then go for Misal Pav. A delicacy of Maharashtra, which is served with slight variations in different states, is a treat for spicy food lovers. It is mixture of all mixed sprouts, onions and tomatoes and served with onions and lemon juice to be relished along with pav.



  1. For several months last year, I survived on vad-pav, misal pav, dahi misal in mumbai while shooting my documentary on thane creek. Basic rule in street food that I follow is, If it is hot then it is good to eat.


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