Tips to stretch your travel budget

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Dreaming about a trip with your friends and family is very easy but planning on a trip for real is a bit chaotic provided the budget issues, the packing and what-nots. Oh and sometimes we just forget to acknowledge the monetary issues totally. We just sit there day dreaming about all the fun factor and later when the trip is finished and even sometimes in the middle of it, we realize we are deliberately stuck. Anyone would hate to be broke on a vacation you really were looking forward to. Just to avoid such small errors you make while planning out a trip, we bring you this article that is going to virtually guide you through the process of packing efficiency. Yes you heard that right. It helps you with a guide you would be actually grateful for later when you come back. Do include this in your memory list.

Peak seasons = peak costs

travel budget

If you are budget conscious, avoid going on a trip during the peak season. For instance, a trip to Goa during Christmas and New Year’s is going to empty your pockets in no time. Goa was just an example. This point validates to every single seasonal vacation spot. This fact just doubles the cost of your budget and halves your excitement to the next level. You wouldn’t want to go to a much awaited trip, spend more than you should have and then return saying “It didn’t go that well”, would you? Of course not, then stay clear of the peak season destinations.

Say bye to heavy baggage

travel budget

Heavy backpacks or suitcases are going to be a suck up when you want to have fun on your trip. There are two reasons for that now. First of all, its going to cost you more than usual for the extra bags you carry at the airport. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to waste your money on that and would rather buy a nice dress or eat extra food by saving that money. Secondly, don’t make it a bad memory for you by not being able to enjoy properly just because you were much more busy carrying that heavy load of yours. It makes you really tired by the end and deactivates you.

 GROUPfie is better than a SELFie

travel budget

What is mentioned in the heading might be totally true for some people. But jokes apart, traveling in group does make your trip cost effective and this is for everyone. You’ll always have your shillings to share with people when it comes to accommodation, food, conveyance etc. Also, you wouldn’t be worrying about your safety because you are traveling in a group. If you’re going on a long vacation, you can save a lot by cooking food my yourselves rather than going out and wasting money on expensive food. Obviously do the cooking turn by turn, guys. Wouldn’t it be fun then?

I hope that this one article helped in covering up your guilty pleasures and I really really hope you have a safe journey with all the planning made, budgets set and blooming smiles.



  1. I agree to your first 2 points, but on the last one i would say that makes sense only if all in the group have similar passion and many other factors come into play too.

    For instance, if one gets sick, your trip might get spoiled too! And, if somebody has a kid or even a child, it might prevent all from taking on too much of an adventure. So, think seriously before deciding on saving money via group-travel (i prefer to travel with my wife or alone).


    • We totally agree with your point. But then there are pros and cons in everything. Let’s just take all good and do consider little bad too. Precautions are always better than cure. Also we believe we should do what all we can. If somebody wants to travel luxuriously then they might spend as much as they wish to, but those who love to travel and can’t travel because of shortage of money may try these simple hacks to avoid hole in the pocket.

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