Things a backpacker can’t afford to miss

Traveling helps us to get away from our mundane routine and we all love to visit beautiful places! Wherever the person travels to, there is one thing that is common to all travelers and that is- Luggage. Vacations could either be planned and or may come out of nowhere and you don’t want to fret over what you have to pack for your trip or end up missing on important stuff!

So here are a few things that as a backpacker you can’t afford to miss:

  • Basic vital stuff:

things backpacker

Get printouts of your itinerary, tickets, travel guide maps, mobile, mobile charger, camera & it’s charger, pair of sunglasses, extra pair of spectacles with cover (if you wear one), torchlight, scissor, Swiss knife, watch, bag locks, carry bags, novel (if you are an avid reader), small diary and a pen, water-bottle, candles and match box ( just in case).

  • Travel bag:

things backpacker

In any which way don’t ruin your outing by carrying the load of your luggage. So, be sure to have a wheeled bag, duffel bag with wheels and backpack which are easy to carry around. It wouldn’t strain your muscles and tire you out. If you are hiking then a backpack would be helpful.

  • Daypacks:

things backpacker

Use a day pack or a tote so that you can have a handy  bag to carry on your back and across shoulders with essential things like water bottles, snacks, pair of sunglasses, maps and guides and keep away the heavy bags at hotel room.

  • Money Belt:

things backpacker

Money is utmost important! Don’t let yourself to be robbed out of your money and ruin your trip. So don’t use your day packs, purses to stash in your bucks but use a money belt for the purpose.

  • Shoes:

things backpacker

Very significant aspect of traveling- shoes! Wear comfy shoes and suit yourself to walk around and explore those beautiful places. You may, if necessary, pack a pair of your heels or other shoes if you happen to attend any occasions that require you to wear them otherwise ditch them with no second thought!

  • Toiletries/ Medicines/ Shaving kit/ Misc :

things backpacker

Don’t forget to pack along indispensable toiletries like tooth brush, tooth paste, tissue papers, shaving kit (if required), feminine hygiene stuff, sunscreen lotion, moisturizers, lip balm, deodorant, comb etc. Carry medicines according to your prescription, glasses, and appropriate clothes– do not carry too many clothes, unnecessarily, towels, one jacket, socks, handkerchief etc. Also wrap some eateries- dry fruits, chocolates and snacks. If you are traveling by air, pack your toiletries in your carry-on bag.

  • Map/guide books:

things backpacker

If you are going on a planned vacation– buy the maps, guide books in a local store at your place and chalk out an itinerary and carry along the itinerary printout with you. If it’s out of blue tour- buy a guide book at the local store of the place you visit, as you cannot rely on technology (Google maps and the like), always. Stack in the maps in your daypack along with camera, mobile and other stuff.

  • Back-up documents:

things backpacker

Never forget to get photocopies of passports, photo IDs, tickets and other documents such as your credit card’s rental car insurance coverage information, depending on your destination. Carry telephone numbers of your bank, Credit Card Company or maybe travel agency accordingly. Leave a photocopy of your passport back at home so that it speeds up the replacement process in case you lose your passport on the trip.

I am sure the above would come handy while planning and packing your next trip.



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