Precautions you should take travelling solo

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In today’s world, one cannot be too safe, especially when travelling solo. No matter who you are or where you come from, the danger may still lurk around the corner. Here are 10 precautionary measures you can take to stay on the safer side-

travelling solo
1) Firstly, do not get lured in by discounts. Book your tickets and hotels through a trusted travel agent. You can ask for references from your friends and also check about them on some trusted review websites.

travelling solo
2) Keep some small devices with you which can help you with self-defence. Small knives, cutters, a pair of scissors, a pepper spray usually come in quite handy. If you plan on globetrotting solo, some basic self-defence courses are highly recommended.

travelling solo
3) There are various robbery prone areas all around the world. You should be informed about these areas and avoid carrying visible valuables like gold chains and earrings or even mobile phones when travelling in or around these areas. This information can be easily gathered from the locals or your hotel staff.

travelling solo
4) Always prefer to travel by a booked vehicle and immediately pass on the details of the vehicle and the driver to someone trustworthy. These must include Registration number of the car, name of the driver and details of the third-party involved in the booking.

travelling solo
5) As much as possible, avoid roaming in unknown or shady streets even in broad daylight, let alone at night time even if you have a company of a few people. Follow your instinct to distinguish these places from the tourist friendly hangouts.

travelling solo
6) Make sure you send the number and details of the travel agent along with your room number and information about your hotel to reliable people before settling in. Also, always have the local number of your agent handy for emergencies.

travelling solo
7) Do not trust strangers regarding freebies like free ride to your destination or free food and beverages. These are a part of an intricate network working against your safety.

travelling solo
8) When travelling to a new location from your hotel, always book your pick-up from the airport or railway station directly from the hotel or through the travel agent to prevent revealing the site of your current residence to strangers.

travelling solo

9) Always stay Alert. When outdoors, look people in the eye while walking and avoid being too dependent on your smart phone as it reduces your preparedness in case of emergencies. Walk into the nearest cafe or a shopping mall when confused for directions.

travelling solo
10) Nowadays many mobile phone applications offer emergency SMS services which can send your approximate location to a few pre fed numbers of trustworthy people at a time in case of a security breach. These applications also help in you in times of distress by notifying the nearest security agency of your whereabouts. Do check about these apps are the local area.

As they say, better safe than sorry!



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