Places to celebrate Holi with utmost zeal

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Places to celebrate Holi

Holi, known as the festival of colors, is also regarded as the festival of purity and celebration. There is nothing more fun than playing in colors, water balloons and having bhang with your friends. If you’re a traveler and if you love Holi (who doesn’t?), this is for you! Today we have 5 of the best  tourist places during Holi to satisfy your wanderlust.

  • Braj Barsana, Uttar Pradesh:

Places to celebrate Holi

Barsana has a rather weird yet fun tradition of Holi celebration in India. Legend has it that once Krishna visited Radha at Barsana on the day of Holi. As we all know him by his legendary natkhatapan (naughtiness),  Krishna decided to tease Radha’s friends and as punishment, all the women- with sticks in hand- chased him out of the village.  So, as bizarre as it may sound, Barsana women hit the men of their village with sticks on every Holi in remembrance of this unique tradition.

  • Holi Cow, Delhi:

Places to celebrate Holi

While most of India celebrates Holi traditionally with the pooja and the celebration including playing with colors; Delhi has found a way to attract youth and music lovers from all over India. Holy Cow is a modern day celebration of Holi. From colored powder, water pipes, water balloons, bhang to a huge stage for talent showcase for more than 40 performers, this place screams Indian version of EDM music festival. (The only difference being there are an array of genres included except just EDM). Going on for 6 straight years, it is one of the most visited events and festivals in India.

  • Varanasi:

Places to celebrate Holi

Ever so mainstream, Holi places are normally stereotyped with being not much fun during festivities for those who don’t have a huge belief in god. However, Varanasi celebrates Holi like its meant to be! The traditional approach of having a bonfire to get rid of negativity and illness seems all the more pure and peaceful when it happens at a place like Varanasi. People rub the ashes on their bodies to shield their bodies from future ailments. However, on the day of Holi, the streets of Varanasi are filled with people celebrating with family, friends as well as people who are new to them! It for sure will bring out the child in you.

  • Jaipur Elephant Festival:

Places to celebrate Holi

Jaipur sure knows to make even the animals feel included in our celebration. It is a truly unique place to be during Holi. There are parades of elephants, camels and other animals elaborately painted and decorated in colors and intricate designs. The animals play various sports including a tug of war between an elephant and 20 men!

  • Mathura:

Places to celebrate Holi

When one day isn’t enough, we have Mathura. Mathura celebrates Holi for 16 days! Every day is a unique celebration of a unique tradition (even the one happening at Barsana). Being the land ruled by Krishna, Mathura still has its edge when it comes to celebration.

There is no wrong way of celebrating Holi except being alone. Go to one of these places and experience an experience that will truly fill your life with colorful memories. Oh, and do remember to take some color with you!



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