Amazing International Road Trips from New Delhi

Amazing International Road

The 21st century has revolutionized the travel trends. People usually prefer to travel overseas by flights. But, have you ever wondered how adventurous it would be to take a road trip to abroad? Travelling such long distances by road can be eventful like kings and conquerors used to ride on their horses from kingdom to kingdom.

The road trip options have evolved due to the new highways. One of the most famous and longest road trips is from India to Thailand. Isn’t it exciting? Check out some more exotic international roads trips from New Delhi.

New Delhi to Bhutan

Amazing International Road

Bhutan, the happiest country in Asia is around 2005 kilometers from New Delhi. A road trip to Bhutan from New Delhi takes 39 hours. The rich culture and heritage of this small Himalayan nation with the dazzling atmosphere is so eye-catching that attracts people from all over the world.

Tip: Bhutan allows Indians to travel across the nation with any government approved identity.

New Delhi to Thailand

Amazing International Road

Thailand, the exotic holiday destination is 4918 kilometers from New Delhi. The road trip from New Delhi to Thailand takes 71 hours. This dazzling destination is on every traveler’s bucket list because of stunning beaches, blue waters, amazing atmosphere and exciting culture.

Tip: Travel by India- Myanmar- Thailand road which covers a distance of 1707 kilometers travelling from Moreh, India to Mae Sot in Thailand. Also, it allows you to view the beauty of Burma which comes in between the path.

New Delhi to Nepal

Amazing International Road

Nepal is around 1000 kilometers far from New Delhi. The road trip from New Delhi to Nepal takes 30 hours. This exotic place brings to you the world’s highest peaks and world’s good alcohols after covering massive distance. The dense forests and vibrant atmosphere of this place leaves a lasting impression on travelers.

Tip: To enter Nepal, take the Sunauli border route, at a distance of 90 kilometers from Gorakhpur

New Delhi to Malaysia

Amazing International Road

Malaysia, a place that incorporates the cultural spirit of the place, with houses on blue waters and sky scrappers is where every tourist’s heart resides. The place also serves the travelers with world’s best food and astonishing city lights.

Tip: Travelling to Tibet, people may face problem due to the movement of the independent vehicle.

New Delhi to China

Amazing International Road

Travelers desiring to go to Great Wall of China, have to cover a long distance of 4165 kilometers to reach China from New Delhi. Travelling to China by car takes is an arduous process of 83 hours from New Delhi.

Tip: The only problem to take a road trip to china is to procure an independent travel pass.

It is the time to evolve your travel diaries and kick off the engine. Self Drive Trips has explored good possibilities for backpackers desiring to cross borders by land. These road trips are no less than a blessing to travelers. However, don’t miss out the travel tips for safe and easy journey. These trips are really eventful and the captivating beauty of these places has got everyone buzzing around.



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