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Maldives also known as king of islands is a beautiful place to go on your honeymoon. An island with blue seas and white sandy beaches make you fall in love with your partner all over again. It is one of the best romantic destinations, where you can give your partner the best days of their life. The environment promises you relaxation and recreation. You can look for best honeymoon packages or hotel bookings for Maldives on Thomas Cook We will suggest you some must-do things in Maldives

Underwater bedrooms

Thomas Cook

Yeah you heard it right, now the hotels not only offer eating under the sea but you can even sleep there. Although the prices are high but you won’t mind having such an adventurous sleep on a bed surrounded with water and those coral reef. After all honeymoon is something you can adjust your budget and amaze your partner with such a different and lovely experience.

Submarines Ride

Thomas Cook

If you are in Maldives and you have missed visiting the underwater world, then you have missed the underwater treasures of the Maldives. There is a cabin of submarine which is fully air-conditioned and you can breathe normally, because the temperature inside is normal and safety measures are in place. So just enjoy the water world without getting wet.

Couple massage or Spa

Thomas Cook

Just imagine having romantic couples massage. Isn’t it fun and exciting? These days almost every resort offers spa, take an appointment in advance and get ready for one of the loveliest experience on your trip to Maldives.

Island Hopping 

Thomas Cook

Island hopping is basically travelling from one island to another and checkout various islands of this place. To make it more romantic go for a cruise, couples can just enjoy the beauty of this place and of different islands and beaches. You can also go for water-based activities like scuba diving and surfing which will add fun to your tour.


Thomas Cook

You can snorkel everywhere in Maldives. Sometimes directly from island shores or you may have to take a boat to go on a snorkeling trip. Get dazzled by having glimpse of the amazing world under the water.

Here a few tips to keep in mind while going for honeymoon in Maldives

  1. The best months to visit are January to March, at this time the weather of Maldives is perfect.
  2. Choose your hotel in advance depending on what view you want.
  3. Thirty day tourist visas are offered on arrival with valid passport and a confirmed hotel reservation, which are free.
  4. Maldives is Muslimcountry, so make sure when you go out of resort your shoulders and upper legs are covered.
  5. Fish is the most abundant food especially Tuna.
  6. Pork and alcohol are illegal in Maldives but you can get them in resorts.

So, book your flight tickets with Thomas Cook and get ready to have a loving, romantic trip with your partner. Pack your best clothes and enjoy great memories within your stay in Maldives, it will be an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.



  1. …what an amazing place for beaches, snorkeling, sub-ride and OMG…underwater rooms. Sounds out of the world place :D…should be on the bucket list of every traveler


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