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International Dance and Music Festival- Sirpur 2016

Sirpur is all set to organize the International Dance and Music Festival, with full bliss and enthusiasm. The current events and festivals that are happening at various places in our country basically focus on improving the inter-cultural and inter-religion relationships between the societies and diversities in India. This event that will take place in January 2016 for three days, between 29-31st, aim to redevelop the bonds and strengthen them at the distinct levels.

Panthi Dancers at Sirpur festival
Image Courtesy- TheHindu

Several dance performances will be performed, by international artists, which will indeed allure the audiences. Not only this, there will be certain events that will be organized for the viewers’ participation. And hence, cutting out time from your monotonous life routine, and attending this festival could actually be refreshing and rejuvenating.  So, if you’ve not planned the trip yet, get ready, plan now!
Sirpur, being one of the most exciting places to visit, road trip ideas can always be the best option. And therefore taking your personal vehicle might turn out even enjoyable.  And when it comes to self-driven trips, the most interesting part is the option of Zoom Car. It is the easiest and convenient option, for which you pay on hour basis, and get the vehicle of your choice. You can book it week ago and minutes before too.

Kathak Event at Sirpur Festival
Image Courtesy- Wanderink

This event had been embracing the presence of very well known and respected artists like Kathak exponent Pandit Birju Maharaj, percussionist Pete Lockett, Santoor Maestro Rahul Sharma, George Brooks along with celebrated singers Anuradha Paudwal and Shounak Abhisheki who had performed at the venues like Laxmana Temple, an architectural masterpiece (seventeenth century). Not only this, there happen no discrimination considering the tribal community as well. Therefore there will be artists from the tribal community who will participate and perform to showcase their talents.

Music event at sirpur festival
Image Courtesy- Sid-TheWanderer
Pete Lockett Percussionists
Image Courtesy- Traveller Stories

So people, you ought to plan a holiday and include Sirpur in your 2016 holiday tours, as this International Dance and Music festival embodies to pay homage to historic culture over there. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for you, to learn and gain a lot of knowledge in the field of art, culture and religion. And you never know, you could even get to meet the legends of Music industry. And of course a selfie with them is not a bad idea, right!

So reserve your January month end for Sirpur visit, and enrich yourself with an all new experience of travelling, learning, participating and enjoying this event. You may also get a chance to share your extra and unique knowledge that you posses regarding the topics and themes of the events. Plus there will be certain books, CDs and DVDs exhibition for you, if in case you wish to collect them. So, this festival can be an amazing lifetime experience for all the art lovers as well as the common people, who obviously have this great chance to learn something new and interesting. So, grab this opportunity and be a part of the great International Dance and Music festival of Sirpur 2016.



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