5 Foods to definitely try in Goa

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Goa as we all know is famous for its beaches but there is something else that draw in people from all over the world too. Yeah you heard it right it’s the Authentic Goan Food. If you are on a self drive trip to Goa you will see many restaurants and hotels on your way. Those mouth watering dishes pull you towards them with their delicious aroma. Goan food is spicy, flavorful and mostly non-vegetarian.  So here listed below are some ‘must try’ dishes in Goa which you can’t afford to miss.

Goan Fish Curry

Goa Foods
Image Courtesy- Scoopwhoop

This delicious dish can be called the staple food of Goa. It is yellowish-red in colour because of the various spices that are added to it. You can have it with rice or chapatti. You can see this in menu of almost every restaurant in Goa. Spices and fishes have dominated Goan food from a very long time. Different restaurants experiment differently with this dish to make it yummy and delightful.


Goa Foods
Image Courtesy- CouponRaja

A rich and appetizing Goan dessert is a must have when you are in Goa. It is made of coconut milk, eggs, ghee and few other ingredients. It is usually served with cold ice cream which adds to its taste. A preferred and popular dessert in Goa for almost every occasion! This layered cake requires a lots of perfection and patience to get prepared, because a layer can only be added when the below one is cooked. When you see this dish you can’t stop yourself from having this luscious delicacy.


Goa Foods
Image Courtesy- Inngoa

Sorpotel is a Portugese inspired dish and is traditionally served on Christmas Eve and other feasts. Its main ingredient is pork. This dish tastes best on 2nd or 3rd day after it is prepared when the spices penetrate in the meat. It is a perfect blend of portugese and Goan dish, made with various spices and flavors which add to its taste. It is often eaten with steamed rice and bread. Food and drinks are a reason that draws in people to this foodie place.

Chicken Xacuti

Goa Foods
Image Courtesy- SpiceRoots

A delightful Goan dish made of chicken or beef is an essence of Goan cuisine. Made with number of spices like ginger, red chillies, cinnamon, turmeric powder and many others. It is popularly eaten with hot rice. Tamarind or vinegar are often added to turn it into a pungent curry. The aroma that comes from variety of spices that are added will pull you to taste this irresistible dish.

Prawn Balchao

Goa Foods
Image Courtesy- Wikihow

Red hot, sour and spicy Goan delicacy is another all time favorite dish for all Goans and a must have for all tourists. Prawns are mixed with variety of spices, vinegar and tamarind are added for tanginess which makes this dish heavenly delicious and finger licking. It can also be eaten as pickle or accompaniment in meals. The dish is a hot favorite of all prawn lovers.

There are many hotels and restaurants to choose from who offer these amazing appetizing Goan cuisines. If you have tried something new there, please share below in comments.



  1. What about vindaloo? Isn’t it a must try? The ones highlighted by you, especially bibinca, are yummy. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.


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