Less Renowned Destinations in India that are a must visit –

gurudongmar-lake(1)A lake at 17000 ft- Gurudongmar, Sikkim– Close to the Indo-Tibet border high up in sikkim, surrounded by snow clad mountains, it is regarded India’s second highest lake. Legend reveals that this lake was blessed by Guru Dongmar that is the reason why not even a portion of the lake freezes during peak winter.  You need to drive about 9 hours if you’re travelling from Gangtok, and ideally can take a halt overnight at Lachen Village and enjoy the weather. The place has less oxygen here, and  therefore it is not recommended to spend more than an hour by the lake, but in spite of this, the primeval fresh water and a view of the splendid Kanchenjunga make the visit here well worth your time. If you are looking for memorable experience and you can handle the altitude, the visit to Gurudongmar is definitely for you.


lakshadweep(3)Corals and serenity at Lakshadweep- The islands of Agatti or Kamdat is the place of  peace and quiet.It is quite difficult to reach the islands but the government keeps the traffic on the islands low,  however you can be guaranteed a peaceful break during your time here. If you are looking for unbelievable marinelife choose Lakshadweep. There are a number of water sports including jet skiing, fishing, diving & or just being a quiet and relaxing break surrounded by pristine beauty.

sattal(1)A break in the hills in Sattal, Uttarakhand – Situated in the midst of a forest is the beautiful Sattal Lake that is just a short driving distance from the more popular places like Nainital and Bhimtal. Sattal is basically part of the beautiful series of lakes that takes over most of this region in Uttarakhand. Sattal is a must visit if your holiday plan is back to nature with campsites trekking spots, hotels and restuarants. A perfect day in Sattal starts followed by a morning breakfast and trek to see the Bhimtal lake is definitely a good idea. A complete two hours of rappelling and lunch through the afternoon and kayaking before dinner in the evening. It sounds tiring but the cool air and natural beauty rejuvenates you and your energy as you sit by the campfire to have your dinner. Although, being Further away,  difficultto reach, and  comparatively small than the others, Sattal is a place that you must-visit before it becomes as commercial as its nearby lake sisters.

Majuli_Island(4)Majuli, Assam – India’s  largest River Island -India’s largest river island and is also a very fascinating destination to visit. The culture of the local tribes, the Vaishnava Satras founded by Sankardeva, various migratory birds and a number of festivals  held throughout the year makes it quite more happening. It has a large number of local crafts including homespun masks and pottery with 20 km from Jorhat airport, Majuli is accessible by ferry.  Also,Visit Majuli for a dose of mesmerising sunsets, remarkable history and colourful culture.

bheemeshwari-20jungle-20lodge(1)Treehouses and jungle lodges in Bheemeshwari, Karnataka– the beautiful Bheemeshwari jungle lodge is almost 2 hours away from Bangalore, hidden from  hectic and busy city life. This idyllic spot has the river Kaveri on one side and the jungle on the other. A part of the Government of Karnataka’s venture to increase tourism, the Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodge is less known than the more popular Kabini. More peaceful than adventurous, a vacation in Bheemeshwari can include boat rides down the Kaveri, a jungle safari usually just with deer or fox sightings, mild adventure sports like zip-lining or just lazing around by the river. There is no mobile phone  network service here, making this really a perfect vacation to switch off and be one with nature.


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