Jaw dropping Man made wonders in India

bandraBandra-Worli Sea Link– It is one of the most beautiful sights in the city and to get on to the Bandra-Worli Sea Link you just have to pay a toll of 55 rupees for one way at the Bandra end of the bridge usually during night. In order to have the best experience , one must go through the bridge during a winter night! Unfortunately, you cannot stop anywhere on the bridge but it is a long enough bridge and if you drive just a bit slow, the view will certainly amuse you! Also, it has made the transit from Bandra to Worli and vice-versa a lot more easier, quicker and cheaper.

pambanPamban bridge, Rameshwaram – Ramanathswamy Temple which is considered one of the char dhams. The train while crossing Pamban bridge can really give goosebumps. A place to visit in once-in-a-lifetime.


Godavari Bridge , Rajahmundry– This long bridge, which seemed to be never-ending.It is a rain and road bridge. You can enjoy boating from Bhadrachalam to Papi Kondalu. There is a cotton museum there you must explore.

new yamuna bridgeNew Yamuna Bridge , Allahabad – It is the longest cable-stayed bridge in India. The New Yamuna Bridge is an outstanding road-bridge that runs across the Yamuna River connects the city of Allahabad to Naini. This bridge is one of the most beautifully illuminated road transit links in the country comprising of the six lanes.

Vidya-sagar-setu-during-evening3Vidhasagar Setu, Kolkata-. This bridge is also situated on the same Hooghly River and is the second most beautiful bridge after Howrah Bridge. But, unlike Howrah Bridge, you have to pay a toll here. It happens to be one of the longest cable bridge in India. The bridge is heavily illuminated at night and looks very beautiful. There are marvellous ghats by the side of the river where people usually come to spend evenings with friends or relatives.


Ram jhula and Lakshman Jhula ,Rishikesh -. This is actually a hanging bridge and is quiet very beautiful. One can have wonderful experience viewing the origin of River Ganga from this jhula. It is a must-visit place in Rishikesh. When you plan to visit these bridges ensure that you carry a camera. Capture some photos taking the Ganga as a background. Also, it is advisable not to visit in the afternoon as it will be scorching hot.


Howrah Bridge, Kolkatta– Howrah bridge to Kolkata what Taj is to Agra. Drive through the bridge. It is a photographer’s delight in the evening but be early as the lights are switched off at about 8 pm. When anybody talk about Kolkata, you automatically get reminded of Durga pooja and Howrah Bridge.


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