Some top places that you must visit being a traveller

Kumbhalgarh_Fort_finalKumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan

This destination is for the traveller who wants to sample history in peace. Kumbhalgarh is accessible from Udaipur and has excellent roads. The Kumbalgarh Fort is to be seen both at day and in the evening. The illumination in the evening is a photographers delight. The fort, unlike other forts of the country, is least polluted and is very well maintained.

Rabdentse_Palace-FinalRabdentse Ruins, Gangtok

If you are a person who enjoys trekking and other challenging outdoor activities, then you must visit this place. Even the Heritage seekers and architecture buffs will also enjoy visiting the place.


Tughlaqabad Fort-inalTughlaqabad Fort, Delhi

For those bred on a diet of Enid Blyton, this fort is perhaps the apt one to relive your childhood fantasies. Situated on the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road, on a hillock, check it out for a Blyton walk through ruined ramparts and palaces inside the magnificent walls. The emperor himself lies just across the gates in a grand mausoleum.

Bhangarh FortBhangarh Fort, Alwar

Bhangarh, the haunted fort, situated in Alwar district of Rajasthan near Jaipur, is a must visit place. It is advised by the Archaeological Survey of India not to enter the site before sunrise or after sunset!” The fort was built by Sawai Madho Singh, and it is believed that the town was cursed by a holy man, due to which they cannot build permanent roofs here. To date, all the houses have roofs made up of tin or materials, which are not permanent.

Vikaramsila university-finalVikaramsila university, Bhagalpur

The university serves as an education centre teaching Tantric Buddhism. The surrounding area of this university includes rocky hillock provided by the confluence of Kosi and Ganga along with 108 smaller temples. There are also several caves and rock cut sculptures belonging to 6th century present around this site.


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