Events In January You Must Travel For

KILA-FinalKila Raipur Rural Olympics , Ludhiana – It is basically an annual 3-day sports bonanza that attracts millions of travellers almost every year. The main events held here includes dog race, camel race, horse dance, tractor race and a tug-of-war. The main highlight of the Olympics is the bullock cart race, for which rewards and the stakes and are the highest. There are some other dare devil competitions that takes place like riding a bicycle ringed with a burning tyre, lifting bicycles and pulling cars with teeth and so forth.

Dates: January 29 – February 1

Tawang festival- fINALTorgya Monastery Festival, Tawang –This is considered as the second biggest festival in the world that attracts a large number of tourists. The 6th Dalai Lama was born in Tawang and all these monastries which have a 5-coloured flag hoisted in front of them, are called as gompas.

This is mainly a three-day monastic festival that is held every year at Tawang Monastery. Chamm dance is the major attraction of this festival . A group of monks dressed in outstanding robes and masks performs the choreographed dance in the courtyard of the monastery. The main features of the Torgya Festival are rich colours, rituals and feast.

Dates: January 17 – 19

Island Tourism- FinalIsland Tourism Festival, Port Blair –It’s a 10 day-long festival that showcases dance, exhibitions, display arts, drama, music and crafts, flora and fauna and marine life of the island. You can take part in the spectacular canoe race, nicobari hodi race and scuba diving competitions .Also, you can enjoy enjoy dinner in a floating restaurant late in the evening,.

Dates: January 9 – January 14

Kites festInternational Kite Festival, Ahmedabad-The annual International Kite Festival attracts huge number of kite flyers from different countries all over the world. Crowded rooftops, scrumptious Gujarati , friendly rivalry and feast are the main highlights of the day. In addition to kite flying, there are various other things like aerial acrobats, kite making workshops and kite painting competitions,.

Dates: January 7 – January 15

Auli- FinalWorld Ski Championship, Auli– It’s a 7-day and a 14-day ski workshop, organised by GMVN and is best option, if somebody is looking forward to learn skiing. The slopes are decent with a few international level slopes and there is no restriction on any of the slopes, provided you are confident enough for the action.Gear up anytime for skiing at Auli! It is the hottest skiing destination which will celebrate World Snow Day this January. During this time, free ski passes and sessions for adults and kids are provided by Local ski operators and the Winter Games Association. So ,what are you waiting for? Witness the World Ski Championship in Auli this January.

Dates: 18th January onwards

hampi festival- inalHampi Festival, Hampi- Hampi is a good heritage site that is quite famous for its festival. Some of the places like Vithalla Temple Complex,Hazararam Temple, Dasara Dibba, Monolith Ganapati and Narsimha ,Nandi and Badava Linga are definitely worth a visit. The charming ruins of Hampi have transformed into a dynamic and marvellous fairground. Puppet shows, folk dance, fireworks ,drama, classical music ,mud wrestling and a remarkable procession, all set against the framework of the ruins of Hampi, have made the Hampi Utsav really special.

Dates: January 9 – January 11

Bikaner Camel_finalBikaner Camel Fair, Bikaner- In this fair, you can enjoy camel rides and yummy food, especially , Bikaner Rasgulla ,Bikaner Bhujia and other indigenous deserts. The annual camel festival is held in the month of January and it is the best destination to visit.

Travellers visiting Bikaner during this time get to see the vibrant and rich spectacle of traders purchasing and selling livestock while enjoying a camel ride on the golden sand dunes of Bikaner. , Jingling anklets and long bejeweled necks casted in the camel shadows on dusky sands creates a magical spell. Also, you shouldn’t miss the special sweets made with camel milk.

Dates: January 4 – 5

Yoga on the beach- finalIndia Yoga, Vagator – Vagator beach is the most dramatic and dynamic beach which is well- known for its session on yoga and spiritual expansion by top international and renowned yoga teachers inviting to discover the most refreshed visions of the practice.

Dates: January 9 – 11


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