Places to Explore near Hyderabad

bidar- inalBidar – At a distance of 115 km from Hyderabad is the city of Bidar which is regarded as one of the most distinctly planned and built city.This place is renowned because of Bidar Fort which is most formidable forts of country and is an epitome of historical architecture. Apart from the forts, other places which are worth visiting are the Nanak Jira Sahib Gurudwara, Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple and Bahamani Tombs.

Distance: 136 km

nalgnda- Final  Nalgonda-Nalgonda is is a town in the Indian state of     Telangana which is just 50 km from Hyderabad.The name of place is derived from two Telugu words- nalla and konda. In the past,this place was referred to as Nilagiri. If you visit this place, you must   surely visit the two most renowned temples of this place-Yadgirigutta and Kolanupaka . The other place of interest is the Ettipotala Falls.

Distance: 80 km

Kurnool_finalKurnool– It is a beautiful city in the state of Andra Pradesh and is the seventh most populated city of the state. The place exhibits picturesque surroundings and is definitely a great place for spending quality time with your friends or relatives. From Central Town you can plan visits to a number of places around like Mantralayam, Ahobilam, Belum Caves, Mahanandi etc. You can enjoy bird watching, visiting Gadwal for handlooms, exploring the caves in Belum and a temple trip to Ahobilam are the main leisure activities.

Distance:200 km

Naga dam- finalNagarjuna Sagar –This is a great place to visit if you are looking for a quick getaway from the city. It is famous Dam in south India with almost 26 gates. About 10 km from Nagarjuna Sagar you can witness the ’Ethipothala’ Waterfalls on the Chadravanka River. Also, You can visit the famous Crocodile Breeding Centre and Buddhist Monastery.

Distance – 165km

Srisailam- final  SrisailamSrisailam is peaceful town situated about 232 kilometers to the south of Hyderabad on the banks of river Krishna. This is just an amazing place for all those who are nature admirers. There are number of places to visit like the Srisailam Dam, Akkamaha Devi Caves, and the Ropeway.

Distance: 190 km

Warangal- FinalWarangal- Located in the northern region of the state of Telangana, Warangal is famous for the Thousand Pillar Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal Fort, Laknavaram Lake, Pakal Lake and the famous Ramappa.

Distance – 150km

Mahbubnagar- Final

Mahbubnagar –There are many interesting places to see in Mahbubnagar including the Pillalamrri, Pillalamrri, and Alampur. The legendary Kohinoor diamond is believed to be from Mahbubnagar.

Distance: 100 km


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