Road Destinations from Pune

Places to visit along 300km of the city

Guhagar– Distance :– 239 KM Approximately

Guhagar, known as the temple town situated in Ratnagiri District of the Konkan Region having outstanding temples all around. You can take road route to Guhagar through NH4 highway towards Satara and then to Patan and Koayana Nagar. Coming down through Kumbharli Ghat towards Chiplun and from there Guhagar is just about 40 Kms. There are multiple routes to get to Chiplun from Pune and you can choose any of them.

Places that you must see here:-

Guhagar Beach- finalGuhagar Beach -The Guhagar Beach is about 200 meters from the Guhagar S.T. Depot due west and is about 7 hrs drive from pune. Guhagar beach with its pristine white sand beach and soulful breeze offers all the solitude that one looks in for a secluded beach. It is considered as one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra, that’s why many people look forward to enjoy its clean water. It is serene and off beaten path with a few blooming ‘chaat‘ stalls and other small food stalls nearby.


GopalGad- finalThis ancient fort is situated 11 KM North of Guhagar beach, built on the banks of Vashishti river near the Anjanvel Lighthouse. It was built in the early 16th Century by the Siddisan but, later on it was captured by Shivaji Maharajh in 1660.The view of the sea and the rocks from the bastions is quite fascinating & this fort is definitely worth a visit if you have time.

Along the Guhagar Hedvi Road, Budhal is the small village with about only 40 houses. While travelling, know that the road is not in a great condition from Adoor Phata onwards, which is about at a distance of 5 Km from Budhal. There is a small temple nearby and a virgin beach with waves crashing against it. Apart from these, the place presents a nice manifesto of gods amazing creation and you’re sure to find peace here.

The Chandika Mandir (in Veldoor, 10Km from Guhagar) and the Velaneshwar which is along the Guhagar-Hedvi road Located about 25 KM due south of Guhagar are definitely worth  a visit. The structures are built right on the sea shores.

Dapoli – 183 kms

Dapoli- finalIt is old, cultured city and most sought after hill station destination in Konkan and known for its pleasant weather. Situated at around 800 feet from sea level, it’s a exclusive location offers hill-station experience surrounded by attractive beaches in close proximity, so it really does not matter if you’re in the mood to go to the beach or enjoying the hills. Dapoli, truly the Mahabaleshwar of Konkan; a perfect getaway near Mumbai / Pune; a perfect ‘escape to’ destination for fresh air, picturesque beauty, serene beaches, divine temples and on top of it, the Dolphins! You can enjoy your road trip taking all the desired breaks on the way; it will take you to this perfect weekend getaway.

At a distance of about 26 Km from Dapoli is Anjarle, regarded as one of the finest attractions in the Konkan. Over there you’ll find the Kadyawarcha Ganpati (which as the name says) mounted on top of a cliff. The scenes of lush green coconut plantations and aquamarine water around the Suvarnadurg Fort is quite an eye – catching view.

palm beach- finalThis Palm Beach is a supreme place to visit on a long weekend. Anjarle is a small green village having all basic facilities but one must find rented house to stay. Local people are very polite, welcoming and supportive. Some of villagers even provide rented housing in their homes and serve lip smacking home-made food at extremely low price.

Situated at a distance of 8 Kms from Dapoli is a beach spot Ladghar, locally known as ‘Tamas Tirtha’. Ladghar has some beautiful rock formations where one can enjoy the waves coming through and becoming a favourite tourist attraction. This tranquil and calm beach will revive one’s spirits and recharge their emotions.


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