Travel to London

Why not take a trip to London? Visit London and see some of the most visited top tourist attractions.Travelling to London is quite simple and doesn’t require months of planning! It has five major airports which are served by nearly every international airline. Simply, you can get your air tickets booked directly from an airline or get it done through a travel agent. London airport has better connectivity to other parts of city especially central London by train, taxi or you can even opt for hiring a car to enjoy self – drive trip. However, you can prefer travel depending upon whether speed or money is more critical for you. Use a definite guide for the best places to see and get the most out of your trip to London.

Places to see in London

Final -tower of londonThe tower of London – The Tower of London has often been at the very centre of England’s most grisly past events and is one of the most popular places in London to visit. The grand palace is renowned for its 900-year interesting history, a prison and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house, royal mint, menagerie and zoo! Speculate in wonder at the White Tower, sneak through a medieval king’s bed chamber, languish in the cells, prison and marvel at the Crown Jewels.

London Eye – It offers unsurpassed visions of London, the amazing cinematic conditions add up to the London Eye by providing another miraculous and pleasurable experience to visitors exploring the place. Step on the giant observation wheel that boast of 4D sensory effects and witness the city’s famous landmark from above.Experience the first ever 3D aerial footage of the city while observing the world famous London New Year’s Eve fireworks in a magnificent journey across the city. You can easily get London Eye tickets online at fairly low  price which are open dated and can be used anytime. This will definitely make your perception about London truthfully stupendous.

buckhingham palace- finalBuckingham Palace – Located in the heart of London, Buckingham Palace is the most classical building in the country. The Palace has extravagantly furnished 19 state rooms with some of the greatest treasures from the Collection of royal people. Well- known as the “walled oasis in the middle of London” Buckingham Palace’s garden is eye-catching with over 350 different species of wild flowers. Also, the palace amuses its visitors with astounding views over the famous lake, extravagant Banquets, noteworthy speeches and distinctively the Pipers.Buckingham Palace Opening Times- The best time to visit the palace is around August – September.A typical visit takes around 2 hours. Also, every year Buckingham Palace’s summer opening features a special exhibition which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

Madame Tussads – Madame Tussauds London combines glitz and glamour with unbelievable history with over 300 Madame-Tussaud-finalwaxfigures of famous personalities across the world. Filled with 14 thrilling, interactive zones and the Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie experience, this place is one of the renowned tourist destinations. Stroll down the red carpet and strike a pose with your favorite stars before stepping into interactive sports zone for majestic experience! Chill out in the taxis and revive London’s rich history before entering the spectacular and exclusive Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie experience.


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