Plan your trip to Dubai

Renowned as the destination beloved by the rich and famous, Dubai is an extraordinary and a surprising city. There was a time when sun and sand was all that the city could offer, but in the last few decades that has changed completely.   The resplendent states of Dubai are well- known for its astounding architecture , shopping malls- for brilliant shopping experience, delicious cuisines, redefining nightlife plus a rich cultural heritage.

Dubai boasts of everything from the best contemporary sightings to the most intriguing shopping complexes, so your travel becomes a better and richer experience .It depends totally on you, how you choose to spend your time. Whether it’s finding the hottest bar or enjoying a dhow cuisine, shopping in Dubai Malls or enjoying a spectacular landscape of desert, or a desert safari.

It is good to know about the places that you want to visit in order to discover the glorious culture of Dubai. Having determined the places, you can opt for self drive by hiring a car or book a local cab.A self drive is however more enjoyable with pre- designed itinerary.

burj - khalifa- final

Gaze at the world’s tallest building –  Burj Khalifa which is 830 m tall with its Observation Deck on 124th floor provides an extemporized view of whole Dubai  is regarded as the centerpiece of tourist attractions found nowhere in the world.Located in Downtown Dubai, the pyramid-shaped skyscraper is considered as the tallest building in the world. It is home to the famous Armani Hotel and its 900 residences will be occupied by only few of the élite people in the world.The best time to explore the place is basically after the sunset, when you see the lights of the building come on and a fountain and music show takes place.

  palm jumeirah- final Discover the man –made islands –Do not miss Palm Jumeirah if man –made wonders is all what you’re upto. There are innumerable islands around Emirates, you can either take a self drive for remarkable experience or preferably walk around.

However,most of the tourist opts for the monorail that follows a route to the extreme of the island which probably is a great idea for new visitor. Surrounded by water, the elevation would preferably offer some picturesque views that are definitely not accessible at the ground level.

Wander the malls

Even if you don’t care for shopping, you shouldn’t be missing the malls of Dubai. Independently of what you could buy in them, just the structures, architecture and people-watching opportunities are an ultimate real attraction.

Mall of the Emirates (Dubai)- finalAt Mall of the Emirates you’ll find a huge indoor sky slope and at Dubai Mall a very large aquarium with sharks and manta rays that could be seen for free as you roam around the shops for window shopping.


Ibn Battuta, popularly known as “The world’s largest themed shopping mall” unveils a totally different experience. The shopping mall is divided into various enhanced themed sections to make you feel like you’re in different part of the world.

Shopping Festival – Dubai’s mall get  busy during the annual shopping festival (January –February) when  shops across the city offers the great discounts and good promotions, backed up by lively programme of mall based surprise lucky draws and other entertainments. Dubai summer surprises( June –July) is another shopping centered  festival  giving out huge discounts  and  other in mall entertainment festival


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