Exploring Agra In My Road Trip

Volvo bus_Dellhi-AgraYour traveling diary gets a rich experience to record when you travel alone. Leaving behind all the baggage, you need to discover a destination with a free mind. Considering this point, I decided to go for a short road trip to Agra from Delhi. Gone are the days, when you had to follow a long route to reach Agra. In fact, Yamuna Expressway has led a smooth path to reach the destination within 3 hours by Volvo bus or car. There are many Volvo buses which start from Sarai Kale Khan every day. These buses are bound to TP Nagar or Transport Nagar of Agra.

I wanted to add best solo travel moments to my weekend. So, I decided to break the norm of going out of town with parents and planned my road trip to Agra. Since, I was not aware about the booking system of the Volvo buses; I checked the options available online. While surfing the internet, I came across various tour operators and finalized to seek the services of TravelShanti. This travel organization has a wide range of options in terms of touring and ticket booking. I booked a luxurious Volvo bus bound to Agra from Delhi. I must say it was a wise decision of mine because the luxury offered by the service provider seemed to be appreciable.

I visited Agra last month when Delhi was trying to get a gaze of monsoon! When I reached Sarai Kale Khan bus depot to board the Volvo at 2:30 PM, the scorching heat was disturbing. But, to my utter surprise, as I was passing through the outskirts of Noida, initial raindrops took the form of proper downpour. This desirable change added to my happiness while travelling. The view of raindrops striking the window and weather donning cool avatar was marvellous. As it was my first road trip to Agra, I came to know the short route followed by the bus. The bus headed towards Yamuna Expressway crossing various Sectors of Noida and Greater Noida. There is just one halt in the 3 hoursโ€™ journey for refreshment.

Yamuna-ExpresswayThe Yamuna Expressway toll is the halting point where the Volvo bus stopped. This short break allows passengers to get refreshed. The duration of halt is variable, but the bus stops for 20-25 minutes approximately to offer adequate time to travellers to freshen up. After crossing the tolls, the bus reached Agra. The weather over here was also cool and pleasant accompanied by showers. I de-boarded the bus at TP Nagar and after exploration; I headed towards the hotel in Agra. I wanted to spend time in Agra by travelling greatly. I thought if I limited my tour to Taj Mahal, my trip will not offer me leisure hours to discover other attractions of Agra.

window view from busSo, I thought of touring the city randomly and I came across various attractions. I had just 1 and half days in Agra, so, it was essential to utilize every moment. I visited Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Sanjay Place, Sadar Bazar and Pizza Hut in Sikandra. The best part was of my Agra trip was visit to the Mamaji ka dhaba on SP Road in Secunderabad due to its unique system of operation. A man takes order on microphone and tells his team to prepare it. It is a roadside food corner yet very impressive in its appearance. I enjoyed my meal at this dhaba. I spent entire night by enjoying view of downpour while sitting by window side of my hotel room. Next day, I visited the Amar Singh Gate, Diwan-i-khaas, Jama Masjid and Guru Ka Taal Gurudwara in Agra.

In the afternoon, I boarded the bus from TP Nagar and reached Delhi at 6 PM in the evening. The aura of showers enhancing the beauty of Delhiโ€™s atmosphere was a visual treat. All in all, my trip to Agra was a brief yet enjoyable.



  1. Expressways are really nice to drive on.. But really i don’t see the reason to take such huge amount of money as toll ๐Ÿ˜ฆ spoils the entire fun..

    In a sane drivers hand, who knows how to get mileage, today’s modern diesel engines, like FIAT 1.3 or even the Ford 1.4 (Figo) can delivery as high as 40 kmpl in highways..

    Think about it, with such mileage figure, you actually pay more for toll than fuel when doing a Delhi to Agra and then back in this new express way !!


  2. In my last trip to Delhi, thought of opting for the Agra day trip through Delhi tourism but due to some reasons it couldn’t materialise…. Glad to see you enjoyed the road trip ๐Ÿ™‚


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