Connaught Place: A Perfect Hangout Place For All

connaught-placeIf you are living in Delhi, you must have heard about Connaught Place definitely. It is often seen that driving in Delhi can be both desirable as well as disastrous. It can be desirable if you get a smooth pathway or empty lane to drive on. On the contrary, when you are stuck in traffic jams, collision with other vehicles or other awkward situations, your hangout may turn into a disaster. I would like to share my experience of perfect touring in Delhi, in Connaught Place. Popularly known as CP, Connaught Place attracts the attention of tourists, delhiites and other traveling enthusiasts.

Crowd that you are going to witness over here is not limited to particular age group, but, people of all ages can be seen here. In fact, Connaught Place is one of my all-time favourite destinations for enjoyment. As I love to explore new trends in accessories and other stuffs, whenever, I get a chance to visit CP, my kitty of accessories gets an add-on. Well, your idea of chilling out in Connaught Place can be different. So, what are the options to spend your time fruitfully over here? I have selected few of the top alternatives and activities to be tried during your visit to CP:

Ancient Historic Attractions In And Around CP

Not many of us are aware about the presence of historical places of interest in Connaught Place and nearby. Recently, I discovered archaeological marvels which have been pertinent in Delhi from decades yet not known to most of us. When I planned a self-drive trip from South Delhi to CP, I took a route that was not busy. Luckily, I did not have to face traffic, so, I reached Connaught Place in a comparatively lesser time. After reaching CP, I took a halt at Jantar Mantar. Jantar Mantar is one of the five observatories built by Jaipur’s Maharaja Jai Singh II. I was keen to know the purpose served by Jantar Mantar, besides being a historical monument.

Jantar Mantar, DelhiThis was a major driving force for me to take a walk around the observatory to understand its historical relevance. I came to know that Jantar Mantar was built in order to store the astronomical instruments and charts used by the ancient experts. In totality, three instruments have been installed in Jantar Mantar, namely, Samrat Yantra, Misra Yantra and the Jayaprakash. These instruments serve varied purposes like predicting the movements of planets, the sun and moon. After enhancing my knowledge about significance of Jantar Mantar, I went to Agrasen Ki Baoli. This Baoli is actually a historical step well situated on Hailey Road. Hailey Road is near Connaught Place, so, I thought of exploring 60 metres long and 15 metres wide Baoli.

The archaeological brilliance of Agrasen Ki Baoli is extraordinary. Out of all the steps, I witnessed that more than 100 steps were immersed in water. The spellbinding view of this Baoli is worth an appreciation. My patriotism gets boosted whenever I notice the waving Indian Flag positioned in the Central Park, CP. When I did my research on this national flag of Central Park, I get acquainted with its dimensions and installation details.

Indian Flag_Central Park, CPThe Indian Flag that has been installed in Central Park of Connaught Place measures 90 Feet in terms of Length and has a width of 60 Feet. Surprisingly, the mast of the flag is 207 Feet. The inaugural hoisting of this Flag was scheduled on 7th March, 2014.

In addition to sightseeing in Connaught Place, you can indulge into activities like shopping, dining and nature-walk. According to me, shopping for accessories, clothes, artificial jewellery and other regular stuffs is the best way to utilize your time in CP. The trends of accessories keep on changing frequently and I love to enhance the variations in my collection. This time, I was charmed by the spiral bangles which have been in the market from past 1 or 2 years. But, it was totally a new variety for me to match with my wardrobe.

Here is a glimpse at these pretty multi-coloured spiral bangles.Spiral banglesAfter buying few accessories, I took a quick break and sipped Iced Tea from McDonald’s near Regal in Connaught Place. It was my solo-date in CP that kept me engaged for almost 2-3 hours over there. Keep reading to know about my road trip to Agra in my next post!


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