Health And Snacking Tips For Monsoon Self-Drive Trip

When you are going on a self-drive trip, snacking is obvious. But, you need to keep a check on heavy snacking as monsoon has already arrived. Wondering about the connection between eating and rainy season? Well, it should be known that monsoon is the time when diseases are likely to evolve. These may be water-borne diseases or any other ailments, hence, avoiding street side food is appropriate while traveling. Contrarily, if you are not able to resist the appetizing sensation by looking at the food corner, then, opting for lesser quantity is considerable. Here are the top 3 alternatives which you can rely on to stay healthy without bothering your stomach or overall body:

  • home made snacksPrepare snacks at home: In Indian households, the culinary skills are always appreciated. So, why not, go for home-made snacks rather than stopping by the roadside to buy street-side food. Chips and other salty or sweet snacks can be freshly prepared at home to enjoy the trip without worrying about tummy filling options. Here also, you need to ensure your snacks are not heavy because they can slow down your digestion. As a result, stomach upsets can occur, thus, light snacking is highly recommended.
  • Fizzy drinks and bottled waterBeverage must not be consumed too much and prefer bottled water only: Consumption of carbonated drinks must be avoided as it can lead to indigestion. The fizzy drinks reduce levels of minerals in the body leading to slowing down of enzyme activity in the body. In addition, contaminated water is the root cause of water-borne diseases, thus, only branded bottled water should be purchased while traveling.boiled water
  • Insist for boiled water in the accommodation you stay: Boiled water is an ideal substitute of bottled water, so, you can ask the hotel staff for it. It is obvious that you can’t keep on ordering bottles constantly as this will only increase your expenses. Thus, insisting for boiled water in the hotel is the best alternative.
  • hand sanitizerCarry an antibacterial hand sanitizer while traveling: It is highly important to focus on sanitation while traveling. In fact, during monsoon, you need to be extra careful and hence, carry a hand sanitizer and use it before munching on snacks.

Your self-drive trip will become enjoyable regardless of all the climatic factors, if you keep in mind these tips for health and snacking.


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