Self-Drive Trip For Monsoon

At the onset of monsoon, the planning of self-drive trip can be an exciting idea. It is the best way to add zing to your life. Driving on a road witnessing cool breeze, drops of rain and pleasant climate is a thrilling experience. When India welcomes the season of monsoon, the entire nation gets filled with liveliness. Be it north or south India, monsoon offers a rich scope of road trip to the travel enthusiasts.

The sooner you plan a self-drive trip, the better are chances of enjoyment during cool weather. As a part of planning for self-drive trip in the season of monsoon, you are recommended to take a look at destinations which can be visited. Here is a glimpse of top getaways of the rainy season in India:

  1. Wayanad in monsoonWayanad and its marvels of greenery: Wayanad is a famous district of Kerala, situated in the midst Kannur and Kozhikode. Lush green slopes of this district positioned in the Western Ghats contribute to an enjoyable self-drive trip in the pleasant weather of monsoon. Vibrant and attractive landscapes of Wayanad are visually appealing due to their emerald green view. Moreover, driving across the pathways endowed with squeaky clean and green plantations by the hill side is a fun during the rainy seasons. Explore the tea plantations, prehistoric wonders and get introduced to oldest tribes of India when driving to Wayanad.
  2. Mumbai Pune ExpresswayPass by the beaches of Mumbai: Mumbai is best regarded for its vivacious monsoon. There are lots of beaches, sea-side getaways which can be driven to. Marine drive, Juhu beach, Worli Seaface, Versova beach and Gorai beach can be visited in the rainy season. These attractions of Mumbai are perfect treat of monsoon for driving enthusiasts.
  3. Malshej Ghat and its cascaded splendour: Maharashtra’s mountain pass which calls for an ideal driving destination is Malshej Ghat for sure. In fact, the rainy season brings along the gushes of water making it the best time to visit Malshej Ghat. Getting a glimpse of flamingos is a visual treat to attain as a part of Monsoon themed self-drive trip bound to Malshej Ghat.Malshej Ghat

Gear up for the fun and plan the trip for monsoon! Early planning will give you better prospects of self-drive trip.



  1. Thank you for these amazing places. One should always be careful while driving in monsoon. Your suggestions can prove to be quite handy. I prefer driving with a friend, it makes my journey a lot more fun/interesting. So thank you for sharing it with us.


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