Driving Rules Must Be Followed On A Self-Drive Trip

A self-drive trip becomes meaningful when you follow the driving rules. Every now and then, there are incidents of people getting penalized or fined for violating rules of traffic and driving. It is obvious that when you are out on a drive to enjoy short vacation, then, being stopped by traffic police will not at all be a desirable occurrence. Hence, it is advisable to adhere to the traffic rules and keep out all the probable hindrances coming in your self-drive trip. Especially when you are in Mumbai, then, your cautious approach is much demanded while driving. The foremost reason for the same is lack of spacious roads. Hence, it is wise to act smartly and avoid getting into a chaotic traffic making your drive inconvenient.

Road SignsAdditionally, there are few of the guidelines which every motorist needs to follow while he/she is on the road. These rules may be pertaining to usage of proper name plate for the car, keeping in a lane aptly to stay away from collision of vehicles, evading drunk driving and honking horns should not be frequent or other similar ones. Following are the ways which can help you in avoiding accidents and other mishaps associated with self-drive trip:

  • Keeping left is the essential point to be kept in mind: When you are driving on a two-way road, then, it is necessary to stay on left. This will indeed help other motorists to pass from your opposite right side. In case, the road is one-way, then, keeping on the left side enables the other vehicles to overtake you from the right.
  • Indicators should work properly: The use of indicators is very crucial in order to inform motorist behind you about the direction your car will next be heading towards. This will also ensure that there is no collision between two vehicles.
  • Hand movement must be used if indicators fail to work: At times, in case of emergency, when direction indicators are not working, hand movements can be used. This will act as a substitute method to indicate about turning towards certain direction, letting other motorist overtake and likewise.
  • Slow down when necessary: It is highly recommended to slow down your car when you come across junctions of road, pedestrian crossings, intersections or road corners.
  • Stop when traffic signal demands: In seconds of thrill boost, you might jump traffic signals to enjoy your self-drive trip. However, this act can land you up in trouble as it is a violation of traffic rule. Thus, you must stop when traffic signal is red.

Lastly, if all these rules are followed while driving, then, joy of self-drive trip enhances.


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