Summer is the best time to visit cool places

As the temperature rises, it becomes tough to face hot weather. This calls for a vacation and self-drive trip serves as the best solution. Now, the point to be addressed is which destination can offer you pleasant time throughout vacation. Essentially, the comfort has to be also looked after because driving in hot and humid weather is really a tough challenge. Without going off the track, it will be ideal to touch upon the right notes of self-drive trip during summer. To start with, the prime aim is to choose a destination that witnesses moderate temperature in summer. Shillong is among the top desirable places to be visited when certain destinations are affected by extremity of hot climate.

To be precise, Delhi is a city of extremities where summers and winters prove to be harsh. Typically, to escape from scorching temperature, one can drive to Shillong. This state of Meghalaya can be reached in about 1 day and 6 hours. At this point, basic tips to be kept in mind during self-drive trip from Delhi-Shillong are worth a discussion:

  • Roads-to-ShillongSuggested routes to be chosen: It takes duration of 1 day and 6 hours to reach Shillong from Delhi via NH 31 and NH 28. In contrast, if you drive through NH 24, then, 1 hour extra will be consumed to reach Shillong.
  • Select navigation-friendly rental car: North East tourist destination, Shillong is 2,034 km away from Delhi. Hence, planning self-drive trip to this state demands smart selection of rental car pre-equipped with navigator. This car will ensure you are guided and in case of varied routes, the navigator suggests the same.
  • Look for professional self-drive trip provider: It is preferable to rely on self-drive trip providers to avoid troubles associated with travel while driving to Shillong from Delhi. Besides offering assistance to you, additional resources are provided by them. These services include car rental, tour planning, assistance in customization of self-drive trip, facilitating accommodation, addition of stopovers in the journey, etc.
  • Selection of stopovers and accommodation: The service provider of self-drive trip will provide you a list of stopovers and accommodations. You can choose the best alternative depending on your preference. Taking halt at stopovers after few hours’ interval acts as an ideal way to avoid fatigue as Delhi-Shillong route is very long.
  • hotel_micasa_shillongHotel booking must not be ignored: It is essential to make sure that hotel has been booked in advance if assistance of tour provider is not sought. This planned approach saves your time of last-minute selection of hotel after reaching Shillong.

The chief idea is to leave for self-drive trip to Shillong after focusing on various prerequisites related to it.


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