How To Make your Self Drive Trip Safe: Tips For Women

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No doubt, travelling alone is becoming one of the major challenges faced by women. Specifically, when self-drive trip has to be enjoyed by female travellers, then, safety is the top most concern to watch out for. Here are few of the travel tips those need to be borne in mind which will not shorten or spoil extent of excitement for women throughout their trip:

  • Smart and easy way of being secured:


In this tech-savvy world, most of the users believe in using easy-to-access apps. VithU, I’m Shakti, iFollow-Ladies and SafetyPin are among the top apps available in the market for smartphone users. These apps can simply be installed in the smartphones and with their assistance; female users stay safe during their journey.

  • Stay prepared, avert the worst:


Coming across unpredictable and unfortunate happenings at odd point of time can be disheartening. Thus, it is advisable to be prepared by being equipped with tactics of self-defence. In short, the users who are not carrying smartphones should use car rental solutions. These rental cars should have GPS tracking and other advanced features those can help you in smooth communication with help-desk. Self-defence actions include bravely facing and strongly opposing the person trying to harass self-drive travellers.

  • Carry items those can safeguard you:


Pepper spray acts as best friend of females planning self-drive trips. In addition, deodorant can also be carried as it can serve the purpose in the absence of pepper spray. Contact details of officials those can provide instant help using their swift aid solutions must be carried by the users too.

  • Avoid using wrong routes or pathways those are isolated:


If routes for self-drive trip are not chosen properly, then, one can come across innumerable glitches. These issues might be in accordance to improper road or likewise. Alternatively, the pathways those seem to be considerably isolated should not be selected. The probabilities of witnessing ill-happenings on such routes are comparatively higher.

  • Handy maps can be carried if navigation issues are not accessible in the car:


At times, it happens that navigator of car may not be smoothly deciphered by all the self-drive travellers. Hence, women should always take along handy map with them so that they do not get misled by others through wrong guidance.

If you are lately going for self-drive trip, then, above tips can contribute to safe experience!



  1. Ohh I had a bad experience… related to the last point. Me and my husband were’t carrying the hard copy of routes, and an area arrived where there was no network, so the G’map didn’t work and we were stranded for few hours, thankfully someone passing by… came for help and we were back on the safe track. I should have known this one before. Nevertheless, I can relate to all the other points too. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚


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