Stay Back!! Wow..,It’s Holi

Holi is approaching soon and long weekend awaits enjoyment! Take a break and explore best activities to be experienced on this festival of colours. The festival symbolizes unison of people and fun knows no bounds. Well, if you are planning to proceed with long drive this weekend, then, I must say your decision needs reconsideration. It is not a cool idea for you to go out before Holi because roads are filled with hooligans who can spoil your plan. Thus, staying at home can be the wisest decision to be taken. Even though, long weekend calls for perfect escapades yet being safe is much important. I must rather say that instead of going out before Holi, you can stay at home and still indulge into gusto.

Let me quickly introduce you to five top activities to be tried this Holi in the absence of excursion:


  • Play safe with colours: Not all colours can be natural, so, it is highly recommendable to ensure skin-friendly products are used only.  While playing Holi, most of you would not realize that artificial colours can be harmful to a greater extent. Thus, it is advisable to either play with natural colours or apply moisturiser prior to getting out. The two of these steps will allow you to safeguard your skin from wrath of artificial colours.
  • Women Safety is a must: Women need to be very careful because on the pretext of playing Holi, people often resort to unacceptable actions. Hence, it should be made sure that enough people are around so that such actions are avoided. However, it is the woman herself who needs to take a stand instead of feeling weaker.
  • holi sweetsOrder fresh delicacies initially or prepare them at home: If you are holidaying, then, preparing homemade sweets may shorten your time-frame of resting. In that case, you can purchase fresh sweets by either contacting retailers online or calling them up. On the other hand, if your culinary skills are always appreciated by the family, then, you may prepare the same at home.
  • Group festivities rock: You can invite your friends or relatives for a get-together on Holi. When this festival is celebrated with near and dear ones, then, the merriment enhances. Firstly, you can play Holi followed by participating in singing and dancing activities. Secondly, the group can enjoy snacks. The entire idea is to make festivities memorable.
  • Innovative theme or ideas: Currently, you can get several ideas from internet to organize Holi events. You may come up with innovative theme by referring to this idea. This will indeed keep your guests engaged further fetching you appreciation from them.

May your Holi be colourful, safe and cheerful! Happy Holi!


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