Enjoy Self Drive Tours Flexibly

It is highly recommended to be cautious about certain influencing factors when you intend to plan a self-drive tour. Be it safety, convenience, gears to carry, route to follow or other prerequisites, you are advised to get familiar with the same. Initially, finalizing a destination to be visited in current weather is essential. To be precise, summers are approaching shortly yet climatic conditions in Delhi have been unexpected recently. In such circumstances, choosing tourist destination which witnesses moderate climate would be wise decision. If you are yearning to drive to nearby place during your vacation, then, Agra would be the best choice.

Needless to say, proximity of Agra to Delhi is considerably worth taking into account. This is indeed among top underlying reasons which make Agra desirable touring destination for phase in the midst of winters and summers. Following are few of the points of significance to be borne in mind while driving to Agra from Delhi on your own:

halt for relaxation

  • Ease of travel is a key to gratifying vacation: New Yamuna Expressway ought to be favourably chosen while starting for Agra from Delhi. This pathway has offered utmost convenience to users by letting them reach the destination in comparatively lesser time.
  • Car Rental can be focused on: Even though, you may own a car, when you are planning to visit Agra with family, spacious vehicle is a must! You can rent SUV or other spacious vehicles to assure relaxation to family. Absolute comfort is what you can experience through car rental.
  • Get updated about toll fee: Fee of toll is subject to variation depending on type of tour. In short, one way trip has a toll of Rs. 320 (approx.) while amount of Rs. 520 (approx.) needs to be paid for round trip.car rental
  • Seek ideas and suggestions: Seeking suggestions in just a matter of few clicks and scrolls has become interesting. Specifically, self-drive to Agra from Delhi can be made amazing, when ideas or recommendations are sought online.
  • Safety cannot be overlooked: Safety is indeed the pivotal concern to be considered while driving. The route chosen for journey should not be risky and free of issues. Safest path keeps out chances of coming across inconvenience.
  • Provision of extra spare parts with car rental: It is obvious that you might not be sure about sudden damages in the car or similar glitches. Hence, it is advisable for you to make sure spare parts are offered as a part of car rental service.

To sum it up, being prepared prior to leaving for Agra from Delhi is best way to make drive hassle-free.


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